Chris Hedges: AP’s Story Declaring Clinton the Nominee ‘Part of a Pattern’

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with Chris Hedges

RT America on Jun 9, 2016

Did the mainstream media jump the gun when they declared Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee the day before six states held primary elections? Chris Hedges, host of the new show ‘On Contact’ joins RT’s Alex Mihailovich and says that the announcement had a “negative effect on the democratic process” and it was an attempt by the mainstream media to “marginalize and ridicule” the Bernie Sanders campaign.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: AP’s Story Declaring Clinton the Nominee ‘Part of a Pattern’

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  3. What -exactly- does “presumptive” actually mean? I think that the AP meant to say “We took a survey, and based on the answers we got, we predict that Mrs Clinton will get X number of votes from the so-called super delegates” at the convention. That number plus the pledged delegates from the primaries would be more than enough for the nomination.” All they did was call people and ask them questions, and that is a survey. Surveys are never exact and the results are probable, not certain.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jay, however, that’s not what happened. The AP story had headlines saying, “Clinton has delegates to win Democratic Party Nomination.”

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