Chris Hedges and Amira Hass: Inside the Occupied Territories


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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

On Contact Archive on Apr 6, 2022

Originally from RT America on Jun 26, 2016

In this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges goes inside Israel and the Occupied Territories with Amira Hass. Hass is the Haaretz Correspondent for the Occupied Territories and author of “Drinking the Sea at Gaza”. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil joins the show with a report on the public manifestations of racism in Israeli society.

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  13. Shouldn’t we be addressing the conspicuous obscenity of officially approved concentration camps and reservations, as deeply indicative of a chronic (inter-)national psychosis?

    After all, the United States established this precedent long before Germany embarked on its National Socialist ride to hell. The roots of the disease are in unbridled Eurocentric expansionism (ecological imperialism,) orchestrated by an established cult of pseudo-religiosity and executed with dogmatic militarised hubris and sinister precision; a haughty arrogance that holds indigenous people in utter contempt, as inferior races ~ even as a sub-species.

    While in the case of the Arab world, it is clear that Islam has always been objectified as an alien heresy by Western psychopomps; who have justified the unaccountable crimes of ‘christendom’ by divine exemption, a blind belief in their sanctified exceptionalism that has given free rein to limitless horror and craven butchery. The religion of the West has always been human sacrifice. The West, in fact, defines itself in those very terms, historically; always in need of enemies and fresh victims.

    Christendom institutionalized terror, enclosure, entrapment, methodical torture, plunder, rape, intolerance, ignorance, persecution, genocide and militant totalitarianism. Ruthless enslavement ~ rule by fear. So perhaps Israel’s crimes should be understood more as a symptom of the West’s failure to face its own despicable tendencies, overt diabolisms, ‘inner demons’ and grotesque phobias that track back to ancient times.

    Vulgar commodification has now replaced any moral strength born of legitimate European enlightenment, and we are compelled by duty to obey an Americanised status quo, whose articles of faith demand obsequious obedience to the fanaticism of greed; true believers must choke on the poisonous filth of over-consumption, rather than cultivate universal nourishment, wholesome and intelligent development by design, and resilience from necessity.

    “We” are by definition ~ in-sane. Not just a liability to ourselves, but a real imminent and grave threat to the entire ecosystem and our truly sacred planetary biosphere.

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