Abby Martin and Peter Kuznick: The Untold History of Imperial Japan and the Bomb

"XX-34 BADGER" atmospheric nuclear test - April 1953

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Jun 26, 2016

Obama’s high-profile trip to Hiroshima was accompanied by a media storm that gave endless justifications for the US use of the atomic bomb on Japanese civilians. The myths are widely accepted in society, and underpin the notion of American exceptionalism.

Abby Martin interviews Dr. Peter Kuznick, co-author with Director Oliver Stone of the bestselling book and HBO series “The Untold History of the United States,” about the real story behind the use of the atomic bombs—as well as the untold history of Imperial Japan, its role today for the US Empire, and the danger for new war on the horizon.

Part 2

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8 thoughts on “Abby Martin and Peter Kuznick: The Untold History of Imperial Japan and the Bomb

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  8. Thoroughly relevant, and of key importance.

    American unipolar paranoia, has really proved to be an exponential catastrophe globally, for two generations, ever since the days of Dulles.

    The only thing that is arguably more horrendous to contemplate than the enduring risk from top-heavy nuclear ‘deterence’ ~ like an ecocidal cascade of error ~ is the spectral horror of an Islamo-fascist pre-emptive strike; not from a misogynist Iran, the Clinton’zionist-club’s ultimate strategic target for disruption (by proxy?) to undo the potential unification of Eurasia (that Gorbachev almost achieved,) but the very dire risk of a daesh-directed, apocalyptic death-star out of Pakistan….courtesy of the Saudi monarchist kill-joy-love-to-murder collective.

    Rapacious power adores itself beyond anything. The dream of kamikaze martyrdom is enhanced a million times, by the exquisite sacrificial seduction of consigning entire populations to the Thunderous Fallout God of Radiant Doom. We are all ensnared in its strangling tentacles, for there are no straight lines if gravity is real ~ even for nuclides; eventually…

    Containment through managed atrocity, has been the cynical design-yantra of US tacticians ever since the ‘forties. The permitted emergence of ISIL and the agony of Syria changes that calculus profoundly. The problem for the US is how to be everywhere at once, whilst maintaining their fixed garrisons in an invincible network of (scale-free) geostrategic ground-stations ~ as Bruce Gagnon has described so well.

    The preferred modus operandi by default necessity, has been foreign submission to threat-or-debt; and commensurate with that, the monopolistic hubris of totalitarian dominance by the forced appropriation of the global food web.

    The cure is obvious: break up the stretched dollar cartel, & liberate the real seed bank.

    Mr Putin is way ahead of the game. He is not my idea of fun, but he has certainly set the bench-mark for pragmatic (nuclear) brinkmanship; and everyone, except the American (Bernays-is-best) freedom-torch’yers evidently, ought to know this by now.

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