Richard Wolff: Class Warfare: French Labor Law, Brexit, and Greek Austerity

Capitalism Kills

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with Richard Wolff

TheRealNews on Jun 29, 2016

Economist Richard Wolff says the old European elite believed it could fix their broken capitalism on the backs of the masses and that has proved to be a fatal mistake.


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7 thoughts on “Richard Wolff: Class Warfare: French Labor Law, Brexit, and Greek Austerity

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  5. We seem to be witnessing a pattern here. An alarming but familiar playbook to critics of the “deep state.” Maintain the strategy of tension, by sowing binary discontent. Divide and confound.

    Richard Wolff paints a disingenuous picture of what is really going on in the UK. The Brexit vote was far more complicated in its distribution and by constituency than he alleges. A blanket generalization, “the mass of people,” is virtually meaningless here. Age played a very substantial role in the way people voted, as did the geography. Also, we should bear in mind London no longer represents Britain, anymore than Paris is all of France. You have to live in these places to be able to grasp this.

    Simplistic dualities cannot explain these multi-layered Europocentric socio-political dynamics and daunting hereditary complexities that extend across time as well as place. This is about far more than either authoritarianism or emergent order…or Silicone Valley digitised determinism vs European elitism…old power against PNAC?! Ha! Even, Christendom or Ziondom? For some, immigrant just equals Islamist, at best “foreign!” ~ others envisage the spectre of a broken Eurasian commonwealth as a dysfunctional neo-Balkanized “everywhere.”

    My personal take is, that we are heading to the same place by divergent means, and that place is unrecognizable because it is unprecedented; as things stand at present, we have created far more problems than we would have had a better chance of solving, if we had kept our nerve and really exposed the power hierarchy and its trans-Atlantic patrons, more forensically and fearlessly. Just wait until Chilcot breaks.

    Most people had no real idea what they were voting for…and to assume that Brexit spells sovereignty and independence is sheer wishful thinking, speculative moonshine; it just means we have surrendered to forces that will subordinate Britain to some other as yet uncertain and unspecified fiefdom, not liberate this Union from the other Union.

    The unpredictable logistics of this misadventure are both forbidding and foreboding.

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