John Chilcot Finally Releases Iraq Inquiry Report

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Chilcot Report critical of Tony Blair, British intelligence in lead-up to Iraq War

with David Swanson

RT America on Jul 6, 2016

After a seven-year-long investigation, Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry Committee Sir John Chilcot released his report on the United Kingdom’s role in the Iraq War. The Chilcot Report is highly critical of the UK’s intelligence services, saying they provided “flawed” information about Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. RT correspondent Polly Boiko has more on the report from London. Then, RT America’s Anya Parampil sits down with author and activist David Swanson, who says former British Prime Minister Tony Blair “knew very well” that WMDs did not exist in Iraq.


British Inquiry Finds Iraq War Lacked Legal Justification

TheRealNews on Jul 6, 2016

After the long awaited release of the Chilcot report, many say British and US leaders should be held accountable for violating international law.



Chilcot wrap-up: Revelations, fallout & reactions as long-awaited report on Iraq war released

RT on Jul 6, 2016

Sir John Chilcot has published his long delayed report on Britain’s involvement in the planning, invasion and aftermath of the 2003 Iraq War.


Going Underground: Chilcot Report Special

RT on Jul 6, 2016

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the long-awaited Chilcot report. He is joined by a former political exile from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Sami Ramadani. And, the deputy Head of Baghdad Council’s Security Committee tell us what it’s like for civilians in Iraq today. Plus, was the war all Tony Blair’s fault?


‘Military action was not a last resort’: Chilcot finally releases Iraq War report (FULL SPEECH)

RT on Jul 6, 2016

The 2003 Iraq invasion and occupation left at least 500,000 dead, scattered refugees to the wind and threw the region into chaos. Yet as Sir John Chilcot delivers his long-delayed Iraq Inquiry report, the silence of Iraqis themselves is deafening.


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Impeach and Prosecute Tony Blair Now

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  5. Here in the UK we have been marinated in this inquiry process for seven years, so now a deluge of opinion and controversy has erupted on its publication, just as the country absorbs the impact of the crippling EU referendum result.

    ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ was the crowning glory of American style Western oil supremacy a decade after Desert Shield & then, D Storm; confer

    Sami Ramadani’s excellent summary on RT’s Going Underground is crucial, as is Lindsey German’s devastating account of the present horrific reality ~ where, when & how will it end? We need to listen to her! I strongly recommend hearing the entire episode, including the Baghdad interview, that explicitly cites the role of ‘Islamic charities’ as conduits for covert support of Daesh.

    As for the escalating atrocities of these proxy agents, all sane parties agree these monsters cannot be considered Islamist, as their actions are wholly in contravention of accepted Qur’anic norms. It is hard enough to communicate at all with a mad person, let alone, negotiate with a living bomb ~ deployed in civilian areas by the very people with whom we are ‘allied.’

    David Swanson says Blair knew there were no Weapons of M-D. Can he prove this? The more restrained view being voiced here, is that Blair miserably failed to interrogate the ‘intelligence’ that he and Alastair Campbell only selectively presented in what Spiked (online) called the dodgy dossier that was Downing Street’s ‘packaged’ version, of information that had been substantially plagiarised

    Blair swears he really believed that information. Alastair Campbell posted in his blog yesterday:

    “Many mistakes yes, but no lies, no deceit, no secret deals, no ‘sexing up’. And ultimately a matter of leadership and judgement…”

    The most generous assessment would be that Blair was manipulated, duped and deceived, having fallen under the glamorous spell of inverted totalitarian American righteousness; he was seduced by US power & believed what he wanted to believe. His motivation was triply overtaken by fanatical hubris, narcissistic egotism and delusive religiosity.

    Iraq could have been more successfully delivered from the brutal (Western-made puppet) tyranny, if the US had not so ruthlessly unleashed the Uranium-tipped triumphalist arrogance of their ‘christian-zionist’ super-power excesses, but acted in concert with more considered forces of international restraint.

    Jacques Chirac was mocked because of his criticism of what was being proposed, yet he was right. We have short memories and superficial concentration spans these days, but no-one can plead ignorance. Do listen to this telling interview with the carefully considered, cautious, sober and prescient Chirac on the eve of the invasion ~ that position was deeply apposite & remains historically indispensable.

    Blair is being scapegoated for the crimes of the Cheney-Rumsfeld neo-con PNAC junta, and its residual coalition of ecocidal death-cartels that have institutionalized deep-state control of corporate Washington.

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