Rev. Chris Hedges: Take Down This Discredited System! + Bernie Booed + Thousands Protesting at DNC


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with Chris Hedges and

American Babylon on Jul 25, 2016

Dr. Cornel West with American Babylon – Dr. West reveals why he is not voting for Bernie Sanders. We also speak with Pulitzer Prize winning writer and activist Chris Hedges about why he is done with the Bernie bus and what needs to happen next. This was shot a couple of hours ago in Philadelphia at the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia. Forgive the spelling and editing and other errors, this was done on the fly…


Bernie Booed: Sanders supporters yell as he urges they vote for Clinton

RT on Jul 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders held a rally to ask his supporters to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in order to defeat Republican candidate Donald Trump, in Philadelphia on Monday, ahead of the Democratic National Convention. Sanders was booed by his supporters after his request and responded by saying that “Donald Trump is a danger for the future of our country and must be defeated.” The Vermont senator added “I intend to do everything I can to see that he is defeated”.


Sanders supporters boo Clinton nomination at DNC

RT America on Jul 25, 2016

The streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are anything but calm at the start of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. RT correspondent Caleb Maupin is outside the DNC, and says that there is “no shortage of protesters” in Philly. The most visible are Bernie Sanders supporters outraged at the DNC email leak, but there are also pro-Clinton marches, Puerto Rican independence rallies and anti-abortion protests in the City of Brotherly Love.


Thousands rally in Philadelphia ahead of DNC

PressTV News Videos on Jul 24, 2016

American protesters in Philadelphia have braved the hot weather to stage a massive rally ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

Among the demonstrators were thousands of clean energy activists as well as supporters of primary presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. The protesters voiced support for Sanders and disdain for Hillary Clinton, who is expected to be picked as the Democratic Party’s official nominee for president. Philadelphia’s protests come after leaked emails revealed the Democratic National Committee favored Clinton during the primary. This prompted Sanders to call for the immediate resignation of the Democratic Party chairwoman. Amid public furor, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to announce her resignation on Sunday. Nearly 50,000 people are to attend the four-day Democratic convention which will open on Monday at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia.

Rony Curvelo


Jill Stein Speech to Power to the People Protesters in Philly 25th July 2016

Jill Stein for President Booster Club on Jul 25, 2016



Updated: July 26, 2016

Jill Stein is leading a rally just outside the DNC

TheRealNews on Jul 25, 2016


Cornel West reacts to Jill Stein’s speech during a rally outside the DemsinPhilly convention

RT America on Jul 25, 2016

Public intellectual and DNC platform committee member Cornel West talks about why he’s now supporting Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein instead of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton outside the Democration National Convention in Philadelphia.

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  5. OK Chris…I know its a reverential tactic, but for those of us who are deeply discomfited by normative clericalism, wouldn’t a living ‘green-collar’ (movement) be more appealing ~ embellished with sacred, meaningful ocean&forest indigenous-wampum?

    Black and white is so austere, until it spins fast enough to generate light and color… that’s what great writing does.

    • the fact that Hedges has lived in war zones gives him the right to speak and wear whatever he wants. Besides, just because the collar has been abused, maybe it needs a new image from the man of integrity such as Hedges to remind people that martyrdom might come to those who resist the American Empire.

      • That is not in dispute Rocket. As you know I am keen on individualism. I am a great advocate for sacred activism, I just instinctively mistrust conformity. We are all different and quite unique, so why pretend to be otherwise?

        • “We are all different and quite unique, so why pretend to be otherwise?”
          Exactly. Chris Hedges is not pretending to be something he is not. Over 30 years ago after graduating from the Harvard Divinity School Chris Hedges was on the path for ordination as a Presbyterian Minister but was rejected based on the fact that he wanted to practice his ministry as a reporter/writer/witness to address social injustice and the atrocities committed against the poor and others in war torn countries.
          Finally, On October 5, 2014, Hedges was ordained a minister within the Presbyterian Church and installed as Associate Pastor and Minister of Social Witness and Prison Ministry at the Second Presbyterian Church Elizabeth in Elizabeth New Jersey. If one is going to fair and consistent in critiques, you should have also complained about the conformity of the black and white suit and tie that Cornell West always wears. Just my 2 cents and my apologies for my rather curt tone. I am very upset about what has happened with Mr. Sanders and the selling out of the people and besides of the continued activism and dedication of Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges is one of the few prominent people speaking out for us/me. I don’t care what he wears. Sumitra Joy

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