The Stimulator: Come Home to Roost

RNC protests

Image by Beverly Yuen Thompson via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

from on Aug. 1, 2016

In this week’s sedition, we take a look at the so-called “War on Cops” in the United Snakes, simmering anti-cop sentiment in the UK and the fallout stemming from Turkey’s recent failed coup.

On the musical break we’ve got Rocky Rivera with Godsteppin.

We follow that up with a retrospective look at the lackluster resistance to the RNC in Cleveland, and end things off with an interview with Cleveland-based anarchist, Tom Nomad.

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2 thoughts on “The Stimulator: Come Home to Roost

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  2. Very interesting.

    It is clear to me that the two pillars of our desperate establishment are really one and the same: namely religion and finance ~ their vulgarian symbiosis really constitutes a single socio-economic structure or faux ‘temple.’ Only the niceties of their liturgical deployments differ.

    So as we witness a brave new world of crowds and clouds interacting on multiple fronts, it seems to me we need to refine and redefine our concept of what ‘temple’ really means and what it is.

    Whichever definition we choose to adopt, the ultimate common denominator is what we may reliably characterize as an acknowledgment or recognition of the nature of the sacred.

    If we can agree that there is a common category of value to revere and affirm, then it follows (…notwithstanding any reactionary symbolic projections by totalitarian nihilists…) ‘something’ is still worthy of our respect, if not necessarily outright worship or adoration.

    Therefore, if we can at least agree about the existence of plausible and representative ‘life value’ as John McMurtry happily designates it, then ~ perhaps we should take the next step and foreclose on violence altogether, leaving ample room for resistance, but not outright aggression. All rage is creative energy thwarted.

    Our corporatized technology in its application, not in its potential but by implicit design, is profoundly aggressive and destructive. If the commodified food substances we are expected to consume and the drugs we are prescribed under duress, elicit this unsurprising reactionary sense of weaponizing everything including consciousness, then society is actually doomed to consume and demolish itself.

    Mind control is a great mind fuck. So choose your poison wisely.

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