Lawrence Wilkerson: The Danger of a Clinton or Trump Presidency

The Trump & Clinton Show

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TheRealNews on Aug 3, 2016

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss Hillary Clinton’s militarist track record and Donald Trump’s bellicose rhetoric.


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17 thoughts on “Lawrence Wilkerson: The Danger of a Clinton or Trump Presidency

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  14. Putin and (Mrs) Clinton ~ obviously a match made in Dizzy-heaven. Mr Pancake meets Garbie. Hmm, now whats the right way to spell horoscope?

    Trump could sport his hexagonal dayglo kilt at the ceremony. A proper Brave-tart.

    These selected representatives are pornocratic cartoon avatars ~ virtual caricatures, made in/out-of Golly-wood (pron. ‘guley’ in Turkish…)

    Ludicrous politics ad absurdum.

    • Really it would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. Unless something drastic happens between now and Nov. one of these two people will be the next president of the US. Ahhhhh!

      Who is more scary? It’s a complete toss-up.

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