Julian Assange: Hillary Clinton’s Ties to Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey, ISIS, and the DNC Leaks

Hillary Clinton's Underground Communications Center

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RT on Aug 6, 2016

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with Julian Assange. We talk to the founder of Wikileaks about how his recent DNC leaks have no connection to Russia. Plus what are Hillary Clinton’s connections to ISIS and Russia.

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18 thoughts on “Julian Assange: Hillary Clinton’s Ties to Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey, ISIS, and the DNC Leaks

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  17. Astonishing interview. A real game changer ~ if you listen really carefully that is, and deploy that remarkable aid to comprehension, playback to re-listen, & to be sure of what you’ve heard and what is being said…

    Only it is certainly a long game ~ a very ‘long now’…indeed.

    Please excuse my reflexively long comment, Lo (…maybe it should be split in half…) This is just an incredibly important issue, of such massive gravitas.

    Eventually, Wikileaks will prevail. It is inevitable, the laws of ergonomic probability show it unequivocally. Why? because whistle blowing is about truth & truth always tells and clarifies everything, lightening our burden; no matter how cunningly the state-besotted players muddy the waters. After all, it’s the water that matters most to us, not those meddling fingers that ought to be kept to themselves.

    It is much harder work to deceive, to misdirect, to lie and keep lying, than to allow the wholesome truth to manifest spontaneously, freely and without (unnatural) impediment.

    For anyone inclined toward metaphysical sophistry ~ & therefore, perhaps uncomfortable with the authentic ‘operational’ pragmatism of philosophic yoga ~ we can reconfigure that ‘truth-telling’ paradigm to avoid disputatious controversy.

    Unnecessary argument about what actually constitutes ‘absolute’ truth, is easily enough elided ~ by simply characterizing all courageous activism, no matter what, as a rigorous determination to thoroughly expose conscious, even unintended ‘official’ lies.

    Even more specifically ~ to diagnose generic deceit as a symptom of a more grave disease, a measure of acquired moral corruption, arising from a grotesque misinterpretation, distortion and insidious manipulation of coherent values. But such alleged false standards and public disinformation can only be conjectured logically, if we can refer to an inclusive canon of substantive ethical positions, that provide an adequate moral metric; against which we can compare and evaluate reliable data.

    So it is clearly much more efficient to further the way of direct emergent genius that is authentic ‘music’ to our ears ~ in the classical sense of the wisdom of a Muse ~ than struggling in vain to proclaim ‘the great inarguable singularity’ to everyone everywhere, all and sundry; & all at once.

    Brave (!) Julian Assange, is being discreetly & calmly stifled to death (most cruelly & earnestly hoped for, or desired…at the very least) by the UK’s government-directed Foreign Office. All this obsessively suffocating suppression, is at the punitive behest of those criminal apologists who pretend to extol or act in the oligopolistic interests of US ‘security and intelligence.’

    The endemic bureaucracy, that J A cogently describes, by the way, with perspicuous clarity!

    ‘Our’ new PM Theresa May used to run that inherited dog and monkey show domestically, as Home Secretary in the UK.

    Now, in plain English this pecking order actually translates as unbridled hegemonic ambition ~ to exercise an illegitimate mandate, under the spurious pseudo-rubric of neo-liberalized, capital-intense, highly corruptible, extractive and inevitably violent, vested ecocidal interest(s.)

    That is to say, cringing hypocrisy in service of that type of vaunted notion of leadership and grandeur of position, most attractive to people who are impatient to ‘run the world,’ or think they are entitled to try ~ at everyone else’s expense. The dreams of aspiring super-successful gangsters, in fact.

    It used to be called in all sincerity, the ‘divine’ right of kings: or whoever makes the biggest blood sacrifice by whatever means, wins.

    So what do we really think about this suspicious ‘royalty’ business?

    (Especially here in Albion after the recent resignation of the third chairperson in succession, to head the inquiry into endemic child sexual abuse ~ set up by the now, Rt Hon.Theresa May…)

    Dare we plausibly reassign/redefine/reinvent this epigrammatic irony of an epithetical misnomer, this delusional apotheosis of unregulated ego we are encouraged and habituated to designate, and dignify as ‘royal?’

    For, after all, the next (best?) thing to the blue-blooded (…altho’, no genetic evidence has yet been put forward to support this contention…) suitably ‘well-off’ despot, is the luminous personified spiritual guarantor. Their ‘strange attractor.’

    Only, more often than not, the sanctioned brands of godliness appealing to many ‘royal’ persons,’ fall short of being any way socially ideal; in fact, they are often little more than a reified hunger, framed to decry and degrade everyone else’s sacred ideas, or godly ideals ~ when caste in heavy metal, providing an irresistible and empirical bullet-proof recipe, to characterize any threats as over-bearing, fraudulent if not downright fake, & subversive ‘devils’ we must all hunt down and destroy mercilessly; irrespective of the collateral effects.

    Most hereditary ‘royalty’ in Europe has been pragmatically secularized since WW2; whilst in the UK, uniquely, it has consolidated & been institutionalized into perpetual self-endowment, through land-ownership rights and mediated patronage ~ embellished with occasional gestures of intelligence. As John Lennon quipped to that royal performance crowd back in the stone age ~ the ones in the expensive seats “just shake your jewellry…”

    Of course, the actual ‘fons et origo’ of monarchy & dynastic authority ~ the Levantine Middle-east ~ has disgorged several variations recently, of proxied, historicized, fractal, fablish ‘caliphates;’ the most submissive (ha ha) being conspicuously emergent due to the enthusiastic support of the US deep state; both overtly and covertly. Keenly emulating former French and English precedent and prejudices ~ but adding an especially unique American touch, by liberally gifting to imbeciles, assured criminal license to foment and hybridize the most sinister sado-masochistic brutality.

    Of course to a rational mind, any god/form/idea that needs alter-ego devilish adversaries to justify his/her/its superiority, must be a pretty impoverished and inadequate deity, who has clearly not read ‘its’ Jung.

    So in the hyper-rational USA, super-charged secular religiosity is the accepted form of naked power. All you need are deep pockets & a super-sized stick (with someone to bear it) ~ along with a multiple-tasked contraption resembling an atomically enhanced, automated cudgel.

    This symbolically and literally omnipotent wand…that is now the envy of all perpetually juvenile psychopaths…is wielded with a flourish of limitless quicksilver cash ~ backed up by plenty of flashy, made-in-Hollywood, ostentatiously decalled uniforms.

    So back to those unholy emails.

    In a genuine democracy, where every sovereign individual has a responsible voice, there can be no ‘political’ prisoners! Think about it. What irony.

    Julian should be occupying a chair of political science at Oxford University, not languishing under extreme duress, within the expensive polytunnel constraints customized by Britain, to moth-ball Ecuador’s embassy.

    Exponential truth will prevail, because it must if evolution is real ~ a type of relational (not ‘relative’) truth that is progressive, healthy, alive, enduring, breathing, unpolluted, resilient, mutual and unrestricted. All those very special things in fact, that are ours if we claim them ~ totally for free!

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