The Green Party Convention Speeches: Jill Stein, Ajamu Baraka, Cornel West and Julian Assange


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Jill Stein FULL SPEECH At the Green Party Convention

TYT Politics on Aug 6, 2016

Dr. Jill Stein’s full acceptance speech from the Green Party Convention in Houston, Texas on August 6, 2016. Dr. Stein accepted the Green Party’s nomination for president, as well as addressed issues such as the prosecution of whistleblowers, campaign finance reform, student loan debt, and more.


Ajamu Baraka addressing the 2016 Green Party National Convention

Nathaniel Lane on Aug 6, 2016

Ajamu Baraka addressing the 2016 Green Party National Convention


Amazing Cornel West Speech at Green Party Convention

Stand Up on Aug 7, 2016

A must see speech by Dr. Cornel West given at the Green Party Convention in Houston, Texas.


Julian Assange Green Party Convention FULL Speech 8/6/16

Jim Browski 2.0 on Aug 7, 2016

Julian Assange addressed the Green Party this morning in a powerful live-feed video. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Saturday that third-party movements keep the government in check and urged supporters to look beyond 2016. “With the Green Party, and Gary Johnson and the Bernie Sanders campaign, it is very, very important but it must be seen past this moment, past the political moment,” Assange said while speaking at the Green Party convention via live feed, according to Politico.

“That’s a moment to build a movement and build pressure and having built it, then one can discipline and hold to account and check the abuses of government during the next four years.” Assange didn’t endorse the Green Party’s likely presidential nominee Jill Stein at the convention. Asked if he preferred Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, he replied, “You are asking if I prefer cholera or gonorrhea.” Assange added that if Clinton or Trump won, “They are going to continue to generate oversight and resistance, which will not only create a fertile field for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to grow their support but will create a fairly fertile field to understand and hold government accountable.”

Assange went on to say it’s possible Stein or another third-party candidate will be president. “Anything is possible,” he said.

Technical difficulties at first made it look like the interview might not happen at all. Assange even asked someone off camera: “Did they not test this?” Eventually they were able to overcome the difficulties and have a lengthy Q&A. These are highlights from his speech.

Transcripts on Democracy Now!

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