Jill Stein: American People are in Revolt, Rejecting the Two Dominant Parties

Republican, Democrat...same difference

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Dandelion Salad

with Jill Stein

RT America on Aug 23, 2016

Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein joins RT America’s Lindsay France in the FishTank for an in-depth discussion on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the pay-to-play atmosphere in Washington, and why Americans are fed up with the two major parties. Dr. Stein tells France that the “American people are being thrown under bus by political parties.”

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10 thoughts on “Jill Stein: American People are in Revolt, Rejecting the Two Dominant Parties

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  10. Words are incredibly important, metaphors can be so much more than analogical ~ “political machines” is a great example of a literal descriptor we should think about a lot.

    Do we really want to be ruled by fossilizing machinery? Is life a machine, is the cosmos a machine, are human beings machines? What is “a machine?”

    ….from the Online Etymological Dictionary:

    machine (n.)

    1540s, “structure of any kind,” from Middle French machine “device, contrivance,” from Latin machina “machine, engine, military machine; device, trick; instrument” (source also of Spanish maquina, Italian macchina), from Greek makhana, Doric variant of mekhane “device, means,” related to mekhos “means, expedient, contrivance,” from PIE *maghana- “that which enables,” from root *magh- (1) “to be able, have power” (source also of Old Church Slavonic mogo “be able,” Old English mæg “I can;” see may (v.)).

    Main modern sense of “device made of moving parts for applying mechanical power” (1670s) probably grew out of mid-17c. senses of “apparatus, appliance” and “military siege-tower.” In late 19c. slang the word was used for both “penis” and “vagina,” one of the few so honored. Political sense is U.S. slang, first recorded 1876. Machine age is attested by 1851:
    ‘The idea of remodelling society at public meetings is one of the least reasonable which ever entered the mind of an agitator: and the notion that the relations of the sexes can be re-arranged and finally disposed of by preamble and resolution, is one of the latest, as it should have been the last, vagary of a machine age.’ [“The Literary World,” Nov. 1, 1851]
    Machine for living (in) “house” translates Le Corbusier’s machine à habiter (1923).

    machine (v.)

    mid-15c., “decide, resolve,” from Old French and Latin usages (see machine (n.)). Related: Machined; machining. Meaning “to make or form on a machine” is from 1878. Related: Machined; machining….

    The key principle to identify here is “artifice,” not lived experiential reality.

    A political machine is therefore a contrived artificial construct, and should be a subordinate term, not determinist. The way this is played out in the “accepted” US ‘system,’ leaves you voting for a Hollywood fantasy, a digital application or CGI ~ a virtual ‘platform’ (where you’ll be left waiting for a “train” that never arrives.)

    So to vote Green is simply a vote for life, your life, all real life, not make-believe fabricated delusions.

    Excellent recent Op Ed by Dr Stein ~


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