Chris Hedges: Fascism, Neoliberalism and Third Parties in the US

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

Watching the Hawks RT on Sep 8, 2016

Chris Hedges joins us to discuss neoliberal and 3rd party politics in the 2016 Presidential Campaign.


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12 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Fascism, Neoliberalism and Third Parties in the US

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  7. I liked this interview. This time, I could listen to him because he didn’t spend all his time thumping Bernie Sanders. He really was not holding my attention before this. I agree with a lot of things he said. Enough that I left the democratic party after 48 years and would really like to see a 3rd party become stronger. One of the reasons I will vote for Jill is the hope the 3rd party will be stronger 4 years from now. its time to start building a base now.

    • I agree with you Patricia, regrettably the Green Party is really an emergent expression of an inchoate process, not yet a viable alternative to the super-juggernaut that is the American hallucination of representative democracy.

      I think it is always important to remember that every today is yesterday’s future. We can calculate probabilities as enthusiastically as we like, but it doesn’t change the fact of the present; it is always now. We can never catch up with the future, it is forever beyond us. Tomorrow’s now will be different, that is for sure, but how different?

      There is a lot going on these days; so much in fact, it is impossible to grasp the whole picture by just feeding on the plethora of information clusters. We need spiritual insight, coherent visions. Focusing on psychotic US politics is actually a dead end, so long as it remains a media-processed, commodified mental aberration.

      We actually need to figure out a better way to govern our planetary existence.

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