Chris Hedges: Corporations Have Seized All Levers of Power + Rap News Special

Overthrow Your Capitalist Masters

Image by Doug Geisler via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

Redacted Tonight on Sep 22, 2016

In this episode of Redacted Tonight VIP, Lee Camp interviews Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges. They jump right into it concerning startling evidence about how the US has become a corporate totalitarian state, compared to the democracy it claims to be. They go on to discuss how the two-party system duopoly is leading to the demise of our country. Hedges also explains just how dangerous it is for leftists to vote for Hillary Clinton, even with the specter of Donald Trump looming in the background. This information is explosive. Enjoy and share.


Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump + Jill Stein & Gary Johnson [RAP NEWS Special Edition]

thejuicemedia on Sep 19, 2016

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