Podesta’s Leaked Emails Show Excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s Paid Remarks to Wall Street

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Updated: Oct. 13, 2016

Wikileaks Reveals How Wall Street Buys Influence in the Democratic Party

TheRealNews on Oct 12, 2016

The Intercept’s Zaid Jilani discusses the important revelations in the leaks of Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, John Podesta’s emails, and internal Democratic Party memos.



Leaked Hillary Clinton Emails: Could Bernie Sanders Have Won Primary If Leak Occurred Earlier?

Democracy Now! on Oct 12, 2016

http://democracynow.org – On Friday, WikiLeaks began releasing thousands of John Podesta’s emails, including excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s paid remarks to Wall Street firms. The emails showed Clinton’s closed-door remarks were starkly at odds with many of her public positions. In one speech to a housing trade group in 2013, Clinton spoke of needing “both a public and a private position” when crafting laws. In other speeches, Clinton largely absolved Wall Street firms for the crash of 2008 and said financial reform “really has to come from the industry itself.” The leaked emails also show Clinton openly boasted about her support of fracking while secretary of state. In a speech to Deutsche Bank in 2013, she said, “I’ve promoted fracking in other places around the world.” We speak to Lee Fang of The Intercept, co-author of the recent piece, “Memo Shows What Major Donors Like Goldman Sachs Want from Democratic Party.”


WikiLeaks releases fifth batch of Podesta emails as Clinton & White House blames Russia

RT America on Oct 12, 2016

WikiLeaks released two batches of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, bringing the total number of Podesta emails released to five batches of over 7,000 emails. The emails show Clinton’s close Wall Street ties, her campaign tactics against Bernie Sanders and her collusion with the media. The White House is considering a ‘proportional response’ against Russia for their alleged involvement in the hacks. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky has the report.


Updated: Oct. 13, 2016

Podesta Emails Show Hillary Is No Champion of Progressive Causes

TheRealNews on Oct 13, 2016

Overshadowed by revelations of Trump’s sexual assaults on women, the documents published by Wikileaks reveal the Democratic candidate serves corporate and military power, says author and journalist Doug Henwood.


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16 thoughts on “Podesta’s Leaked Emails Show Excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s Paid Remarks to Wall Street

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  13. Interesting Lo, & many thanks. Lots of catching up to do. I found the Empire Files Dennis Banks episode particularly relevant.

    I defer to your situated grasp of the realities, & totally agree with you about the TPP or any purported “trade agreement” that concedes exceptionalist power to corporations through their despicable and squalid ISDS obscenity.

    How anyone with any social intelligence can defend or support such blatant shyster criminality is beyond me!

    I caught Jill Stein’s grilling on Al Jaz. with the relentless Mehdi Hasan. summary here ~
    original interview ~

  14. I’ve had a glorious few weeks offline….but regrettably, regular access to blindingly stupid mainstream TV, so its been lots of RT & a soupcon of Al Jazeera!

    I am just incredulous at the insanity of this villainous world, the horrific abomination that is Western hegemonic conceit, the utter moral bankruptcy of those who haunt the “ruling” echelons of profane power.

    I’ve begun to change my mind about the outcome of this monstrous (s)election. Better to have a Clinton mad-person we can indict, than that lunatic delinquent surrogate with the vulgar fringe on top….whatever the result, it will be catastrophic.


    • So glad you’re back, David. You were missed. Hope you had a good time away. At least you had RT and Al Jazeera.

      Sorry, but I do not agree with the article you suggested.

      The most important issue of the day is the TPP, and so far Trump has said he’s against it, just like NAFTA. And well, we really don’t know or can trust what Clinton has said about this as she was for it, then against it, and then choose a running mate who is for it.

      See: https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2016/10/03/voting-for-the-lesser-of-two-evils-is-still-voting-for-evil/

      It will be a long next 4 years whomever gets elected (selected). Most states are not swing states so we know the very probable outcome in those states already. In my state, Trump is leading by 10 points. I’m encouraging others in my state to vote for Jill Stein, The Green Party candidate.

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