Tariq Ali: Is Trump Any Worse Than Clinton? I’d Vote For Jill Stein

The Trump & Clinton Show

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teleSUR English on Oct 12, 2016

Tariq Ali considers the US election campaign and asks, is Trump any worse than Clinton? Is this a case of electing the lesser of two evils, or is there another option?

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17 thoughts on “Tariq Ali: Is Trump Any Worse Than Clinton? I’d Vote For Jill Stein

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  2. Fantasies never die.

    Remember what Lenin said on his deathbed that Stalin’s policies were better but he liked Trotsky because Stalin was rude which could mean that he could be a disastrous dictator. Personality matters Mr Ali, Trump is a misogynist and a racist and that matters.

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  9. Sadly, Jill is a dilletante, and the Greens are most definitely not a party. The Left deserves better than a spoiled rich woman who chooses her own fame over the hard work of party building.

    • Jenny, Please don’t drink any more Kool-Aid. The sugar and chemical components are destroying your brain cells and comprehension abilities.
      A “dilletante?” A “spoiled rich woman?”

      As a Green, I do agree with you that the party does not a lot of building, but on the Jill stuff…I do hope you’re not serious.

    • Jenny, please refrain from name calling. It’s not necessary. If you have objections to Jill Stein and/or The Green Party, fine, please state those objections without personal attacks.

  10. Always worth listening to Tariq Ali. His Global Empire conversations on teleSUR’s The World Today are very instructive.

    I agree, voting for Jill Stein is the only reasonable option, but what we have to consider now is what will actually happen next, and how to respond to this ‘broken system’ ~ because whatever happens in the US will affect everyone, & inevitably influence the universal climate of thought.

    • There is hope because of the youth of today are not going to sit still and take it anymore. For one, they are deeply in debt so they will continue to fight for $15/hr and other social movements going on today. And two, Socialism is less of a dirty word.

      • Hear, hear! I so agree, and so does Jill Stein clearly.

        Moreover, youth is at best, an uncorrupted universal, spiritual, evolutionary force, unrestricted by borders; imaginally at liberty to dream in private ~ while those enjoying the privilege of access, with the will to initiate change, are free to share and act and learn across the web.

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