American Christianity Versus Jesus by Rocket Kirchner

jesus of nazareth. stop the war!

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by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
Originally published May 12, 2015
October 26, 2016

1. American Christianity says: “It is God’s will that we prosper.”

1. Jesus says: “Woe to you who are rich.”

2. American Christianity says: “We must bring Christian values to the government.”

2. Jesus says: “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

3. American Christianity says: “To support family values is God’s will.”

3. Jesus says: “I came to bring division within ones family.”

4. American Christianity says: “Homosexuality is sin.”

4. (Jesus silent on the issue)

5. American Christianity says: “It is God’s will that we fight our enemies.”

5. Jesus says: “Love your enemies and pray for them.”

6. American Christianity says: “It is God’s will to tithe 10% to church.”

6. Jesus says: “Give only to the poor.”

7. American Christianity says: “We don’t need prison reform.”

7. Jesus says: “I was in prison and you did not come to me.”

8. American Christianity says: “The poor need to get a job.”

8. Jesus says: “Blessed are the destitute, theirs is heaven.”

9. American Christianity says: “We must judge those who are wrong.”

9. Jesus says: “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

10. American Christianity says: “We must support our military at war.”

10. Jesus says: “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

11. American Christianity says: “We have our own prayers at our church.”

11. Jesus says: “This is how you pray, Our Father, who art….”

12. American Christianity says: “The rapture is coming soon to save us.”

12. Jesus says: “You shall be my martyrs.”

13. American Christianity says: “The death penalty is God’s will.”

13. Jesus says: “He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

14. American Christianity says: “Our church is full of good people.”

14. Jesus says: “None is good but God.”

15. American Christianity says: “We have good teachers at our church.”

15. Jesus says: “Only One is your teacher, Christ.”

16. American Christianity says: “We represent Christ at our church.”

16. Jesus says: “Many will come in my name and deceive.”

Conclusion: The Jesus of the Gospels is AGAINST American Christianity 100 percent!!! De-programming is in order for those who hunger and thirst for the real thing. If you hate American Christianity as much as I do, then why not consider following Jesus, the antidote?


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26 thoughts on “American Christianity Versus Jesus by Rocket Kirchner

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  5. David , here is the thing : in the Markan account , the climax of the gospel was the confession of the Roman Centurian ”Truly this is the Son of God ”. Let me put this in context with notions of Divinity and Empire. Up to that point all notions of the term Son of God were limited only to the Caesars, as you know .

    What Mark is using is a literary device to redefine divinity . This redefinition is from the concept of the divine as violence , might ..etc.. to humility , sacrifice , etc.. This paradigm shift was like an Earthquake . So here we are living in another Empire called the American Empire but with the same false notions of divinity – might makes right .

    That is exactly why i put together the difference between the American Jesus and the Christ of the NT. So – that those who read this can see the great difference between the two . I am around the deception of American Christianity all the time . What this post represents is the Roman Soldiers confession . THE BIG SHIFT.

  6. Since these Conservative Christians love Hell so much why not remind them of Matthew 25, one of the few places Jesus speaks of Hell? Oh yeah, that’s a bunch of verses where Jesus condemns to Hell a bunch of rich folks who totally love Jesus and would have helped him if they had the opportunity to. But they did not clothe the naked, advocate for prisoners, house the homeless, feed the hungry. Matthew presents this inconsistency as the gravest sin.

    Should not a society with wealth and power undreamed of in the time of Jesus do much more than he asked?

    We suck. I’m a raised up atheist and I get it better than most Christians do.

    • Bacopa – Matthew 25 – Sheeps and Goats . yep . that is the name of the game and you do get it more than Christians do .

  7. “Jesus is a brand name for the American version of Christianity. If He were around today, he would sue them for using His name and have an order issued to cease and desist. American Christianity is a bad joke, given that most Americans have never read the Bible, and much less, the New Testament.”

  8. I cannot get my mind around this crap. I believe in love, infinity, compassion and insight however religions seem to have absolutely nothing to do with Absolute Love. Judgement, blame and retribution are rife. You cannot clean up contradiction and paradox with logic so best get rid of the vacuous irrational garbage.

      • A thought-provoking post Rocket.

        As a free thinker, I disagree with the premises of 11 & 12 as I instinctively resent being told what to do, or how & what I must ‘believe.’ So I’m none too keen to defer to any professed ‘authority’ unless their wisdom is overwhelmingly convincing, being direct and intimate; as I am not averse to intelligent (enlightened?) advice.

        However, I cannot be at all enthusiastic about prescriptive martyrdom ~ as you well know; that is the great flaw in the received Jesus drama, by my mystical lights. Why suffer that appalling degradation? It’s sick.

        I’m all for dispelling solipsistic delusion, but what’s the point of a ritual of vicarious atonement for original sin, if you are expected to emulate ‘his’ sacrificial example as the final martyred scapegoat ~ to (also) do it just for “me” ?’ If that was true, then every suicide bomber would be born again in Christ.

        Also, the attributed aphorism (8) ~ Blessed are the destitute, theirs is heaven…might make better sense were it ‘their only solace is heaven….’ wouldn’t you think? After all, these are frequently reiterated Hebraic truisms (not al-truisms) and the (prior) scriptural precedents are ample.

        • David , my article on this blog called True Martyrdom shows a clear cut difference between suicide bombers and the real martyrs ( think early church or today’s human shields movement ) .

          Martyrdom is something lived not a one time event . take it from a guy who lives smack dab in the American Empire – American Christianty hates Jesus message of being his martyrs . they want the easy way out and it shows .

          All The Christ of the NT promises is a cross . a symbol of shame and death by ignominity under an Empire . this has not changed . but many come in his name and seek to hide those commands .

          that is why I wrote this piece . if you were with me in person when I argue with the Stepford wives comfey cozy American Christian crowd while I qoute the real Jesus , you would not be on their side in this debate .

        • Well thanks for clarifying your position, which I pretty well understand after these many Moons, only I’m not on any side here; just exercising my right to think & adjudicate for myself. Those Stepford wives are certainly not my idea of a good time!

          Anyway, I get along just fine without a literal Jesus, as I have no problem with the solar/cosmic cross as an ancient symbol of initiation; I simply question the agendas that set this syncretic ball rolling in the first place. I just think we need to progress, move on, free ourselves from the dogma-trap in all its incarnations and be prepared to evolve both spiritually & symbiotically ~ by accepting responsibility for our own consciousness & behaviour.

          Mind you, I wholeheartedly admire your calling out this sickening hypocrisy ~ a pronounced & vulgar tendency that is far more dangerous and insidious than ‘militant atheism’ any day.

        • Thanks Lo for reminding me, there were a lot of comments ~ revisiting that exchange is enlightening. There is no virtue in simply repeating what was said there; but I would like to add one more thing, briefly if possible, that may help us to approach this difficult topic with appropriate lucidity and reflexive creativity.

          Language can illuminate or obscure; but it should be possible to agree about certain first principles that transcend all grammar, logic or rhetoric. The most important being a rejection of violence to resolve difference. We may debate and discuss metaphysical hermeneutics to our heart’s content, in as much fastidious detail as we wish; but we can also exercise our innate capacity to agree about self-evident mutual truths. What one might call common (even un-common) sense.

          Whether we defer to higher powers or we simply assert our modest understanding to declare the inviolability of certain rights & truths, there are basic axiomatic principles of life that are hard to deny. So I should really prefer to focus on those moral solutions & equations ~ on the life values as John McMurtry calls them ~ rather than dwell on interpretive niceties or the dogmas of faith.

          My fundamental position is to respect what anyone believes, so long as it does not threaten me personally; demean nature’s incarnate intelligence; or compromise planetary existence generally.

          There are as many true paths as there are genuine aspirants to what has been designated the sacred wisdom; how we find our spiritual feet is a holy mystery ~ but our freedom to choose to initiate that individual, life-affirming journey, is a universal birth-right. Understanding is a unique gift; but hard won. So I would say true divinity is clearly a virtue to aspire to; not a doctrinal commodity to take possession of ~ or in extreme cases be possessed by.

          Would you not agree?

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