Chris Hedges: Saudi Arabia—The Number One Purchaser of US Weapons

Human rights campaigners protest against Farnborough International arms fair

Image by Campaign Against Arms Trade via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Oct 29, 2016

On this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges explores why Saudi Arabia remains one of the U.S.’ closest allies in the Middle East with Medea Benjamin, author of Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection. They examine why the U.S. overlooks the Saudi’s treatment of women, public executions and promotion of a fundamentalist religion that sanctifies violence. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil looks at the long alliance between the two countries.

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  18. Who you hang out with says who you are….

    Bravo, divest!

    All the news is bad, no matter who reports it. But these days, it is not only bad it is beyond dire.

    The biblical prophets had a lot to complain about, but we are faced with a global forecast that is unprecedented in history. You don’t have to be a fan of Jeremiah to understand the gravity of a species extinction spasm accelerated by irreversible climate disruption.

    It matters not a jot how much ‘wealth’ you have, how many swimming pools you see fit to chlorinate, resort investments that ‘must’ be protected, casinos to play 007 in or whatever. When the earth quakes and the seas rise and the mudslides happen and the disease vectors reach epic proportions ~ your puerile fun in the Sun will be severely impeded.

    The Saudis are dependent; we are dependent; all of life is dependent.

    These grotesquely pious laundered misogynists are infantile and vulgar ‘bad-wins,’ without a moral pot to piss in.

    Anyone who plays metaphysical roulette with these specimens of depravity…dancing in their hydrocarbon fog of sanitized corporate “necessity…” is a despicable traitorous disgrace; they ‘own’ you.

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