Abby Martin: John Podesta Exposed

US Capitol For Sale (Washington, DC)

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Nov 5, 2016

With the Wikileaks release of thousands of emails belonging to John Podesta, very little is known in US society about Podesta himself. While he’s maintained a low profile, John Podesta is actually considered one of Washington’s biggest players, and one of the most powerful corporate lobbyists in the world.

In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin explores John Podesta’s political rise, his vast network of corporate connections and his think tank “Center for American Progress.” Learn why the Podestas and the Clintons are a match made in ruling class heaven.

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13 thoughts on “Abby Martin: John Podesta Exposed

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  6. Amazing how much brutal truth Ms. Martin was able to condense in slightly over 20 minutes… Hillary Clinton outright lied to all Americans in the last televised debate by asserting Russia was behind the WikiLeaks email publication, when not an ounce of evidence has been put forth to verify the allegation. More worrying is her militarized address threatening war against Russia for precisely the same – cyber-crime, which points to the possibility of her, if elected, starting a World War based (think Bush-Cheney) on lies. Americans should thoroughly reject Ms. Clinton and instead support Stein | Baraka and the Green Party – the only rational choice for those interested in peace in our lifetimes.

    • Thanks, Jerry.

      Have you seen Greg Palast’s latest film yet? It’s free to watch over the next few days:

      I was fighting tears by the end of it. It starts out funny, and is quite entertaining along the way, but by the end it is very, very sad. We live in a corporate controlled world and this isn’t a democracy. To quote Joel Hirschhorn, it’s a “delusional democracy”. His film is mostly how the Republicans have sold us out and this one by Abby Martin shows up how the Democrats have sold us out.

      Yes, choose the Green Party for now.

    • Tragically, Jerry, the ‘majority’ ~ who are clearly not “moral,” in any sense of the word that carries authentic significance… those of us who do try to think carefully about reality; and moreover, strive to translate our cognitive experience into action ~ that majority will carry the day, a dread-full day that will prove to be infamous. I have little doubt of this.

      Dr Stein has either been pilloried, utterly trivialized or ignored, just for being herself. The US electorate on the whole is not intelligent, feeding on hallucination ~ except for a minority who have slipped free from the propaganda tentacles of obsessive totalitarian capital. The USA is certainly not friendly territory and this hostile contempt for sentient intelligence has infected the world.

      My sober prognosis is that the American electorate will soon feel utterly betrayed, whichever candidate is hoisted in and bound up in the dummy strings; that the ethical battle for indigenous determination will intensify, and colossal instability will ensue, as local war industries are subsumed by the consequences of climate disruption and community collapse.

      These are very dark times, but we soldier on in the certain knowledge that our native Star is always shining, within and without.

      • David, According to certain spiritual traditions nothing occurs as a “coincidence” but for beneficial learning – a “teaching”. It might sound simplistic to generalize life on Earth with its complexities with such a minimalist appraisal, but, depending on whether one truly believes all human beings are forever soul-beings or not, in contrast to infinity the 60, 70 or 80 years of a man or woman’s lifetime is as the (paraphrasing Buddha) “dew on a blade of grass”. One wonders, if the indescribable beauty seen by those who’ve had a near death experience is actual, why we as souls would (in some theories) “volunteer”, leave that world of utter beauty, and enter this physical realm while knowing of its difficulties. Is it as simple as Neale Donald Walsh wrote, that souls enter here because “there’s nothing else to do”? Those words, that concept, get the old wheels turning… Perhaps more increasingly potent “teachings” are, in the natural unfolding of things, in order… 🙂

        • Well Jerry, I’m deeply sympathetic with that understanding; & I think humans, or rather, what we see and know of humanity in the broadest terms, tends to reinforce the suspicion that in most respects humankind is in its spiritual infancy.

          Death is a mystery we all face, and yet perhaps even more mysterious is ‘soul’ memory and the inescapable feeling some of us have experienced of a sense of continuity, of transcendental presence, even deja vu. Our strange, mostly conditioned perception of consciousness in time seems to be at the core of this, everything may be only a heartbeat away….. Yes, ‘dew on a blade of grass’ says it well.

          Today is a hard day for America; indeed, it is a chilling moment for our over-heated little world. It would be unbearable if there were no tomorrows to anticipate or work towards! I’m thoroughly cosmopolitan by nature, so as Hedges says, our job (as global citizens, & as planetary ‘stewards’ I might add…) is to restrain & regulate the egregious conceits of those who wield the power with which they have been invested ~ by us and our fellow beings.

          Real spiritual development is a rare thing in my experience. Hence the need for us not only to study well, to discriminate and respect authentic methods preserved in ‘esoteric’ schools (or what the Greeks called Gnosis for want of a better term) genuine techniques, often encoded symbolically and embedded in many indigenous traditions for example, most of which have been preserved by women.

          So within those communities of transmitted wisdom there are certainly initiated individuals, who have not only experienced the truth of these sacred teachings, but have also acquired the capacity to interpret them wisely and share their virtue to those of us who are ready to receive them. I would also say, that if one travels and seeks out such individuals, they can appear quite unpredictably in the most unlikely places, and totally unexpected ways.

  7. Exceptional.

    So….through the agency of our miraculous web, we are witnessing the emergence of exquisitely unequivocal and convincing narratives. These unalloyed, profoundly informative, deconstructions and analyses, are unpacking the true nature of ‘our’ seditious global dollar-cartels, revealing exactly how the ‘Uranium club’ dictate the covert terms of the “West’s” genocidal market-profiteering game of Capital.

    It is sobering and deeply concerning to any authentic free thinker, that almost every establishment which human beings have somehow or other found themselves saddled with, is basically a criminal association of deviant elements that constitute a lacquered lodge of seething iniquity and corruption. This is the way the infamous ‘family compact’ works ~ through institutionalized bribery, theft, imposture, blackmail, intimidation and murder.

    The structure of our present hyper-organized world of gleaming material and psychological controls, is essentially a network of lavish pseudo-temples that rely upon heavily extractive and coercive artifice; these totally non-representative institutions fight tooth and claw, to own and deploy all of the planet’s wealth and all of the world’s available material power. It is the War to never end War. Perpetual Jihad in the service of Jihadist perpetuity.

    This ambition to harness and own “reality” is an interesting conceit, to say the least. Those of us with even a single sinew of spiritual cognition are appalled at this deliberate poisoning of the wellsprings of human existence. Our life values have been utterly appropriated and humanity’s authentic spiritual heritage ~ however we see fit to understand it ~ grossly violated, torn and sown to the desert winds of abject dispersion.

    To banish cynicism and moral corruption, by undertaking effective reforms to regulate and restrain this amorphous lodge of creeping, homicidal/ecocidal cronyism, is a thankless task not dissimilar from politely encouraging a volcano to take a sedative ~ or pleading to a tsunami to ‘be nice….’

    Power attracts and covets ever more power. History is replete with examples, in fact all of history has been either commissioned by, or whipped into the service of this profane power. Ruthless ambition is a ‘fact’ of profane existence.

    What then, do we, or must we, do? That is the inescapable and essential question, we must each, ourselves, all ask ~ sooner or later.

    Listen very carefully folks; do not allow yourself to be deceived.

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