Chris Hedges: Defying the Politics of Fear + Ralph Nader and Jesse Ventura: Two-Party Tyranny (no longer available)

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with Chris Hedges

truthdig on Nov 8, 2016

Chris Hedges gave this talk on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016, at a rally in Philadelphia for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka.

Video credit: Bert Schultz and Cominsane Press


No social or revolutionary movement succeeds without a core of people who will not betray their vision and their principles. They are the building blocks of social change. They are our only hope for a viable socialism. They are willing to spend their lives as political outcasts. They are willing to endure repression. They will not sell out the oppressed and the poor. They know that you stand with all of the oppressed—people of color in our prisons and marginal communities, the poor, unemployed workers, our LGBT community, undocumented workers, the mentally ill and the Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans whom we terrorize and murder—or you stand with none of the oppressed. They know when you fight for the oppressed you get treated like the oppressed. They know this is the cost of the moral life, a life that is not abandoned even if means you are destined to spend generations wandering in the wilderness, even if you are destined to fail.


The rise of Donald Trump is the product of the disenchantment, despair and anger caused by neoliberalism and the collapse of institutions that once offered a counterweight to the powerful. Trump gives vent to the legitimate rage and betrayal of the white underclass and working poor. His right-wing populism, which will grow in virulence and sophistication under a Clinton presidency, mirrors the right-wing populism rippling across much of Europe including Poland, Hungary, France and Great Britain. If Clinton wins, Trump becomes the dress rehearsal for fascism.


Hillary Clinton embodies the detested neoliberal establishment. She can barely fend off one of the most imbecilic and narcissistic candidates in American history. Matched against a demagogue with brains and political skill, she would lose. If we do not defy the neoliberal order, championed by Clinton and the Democratic Party elites, we ensure the conditions for a terrifying right-wing backlash, one that will use harsh and violent mechanisms to crush the little political space we have left.


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with Ralph Nader

‘Two-party tyranny specializes at getting corporate cash & excluding competition’ – Ralph Nader

RT America on Nov 8, 2016

To discuss the difficulty third parties have in political campaigns, former Green Party presidential nominee Ralph Nader joins RT America’s Lindsay France and Jesse Ventura and says “there is no country in the western world that creates more obstacles for third parties and independent candidates.”

‘Clinton & Democrats created phenomenon Trump is responding too’ – Chris Hedges

RT America on Nov 8, 2016

Chris Hedges, host of RT’s ‘On Contact,’ joins RT America’s Anya Parampil and Ed Schultz where he worries that a potential Clinton presidency may “remain as tone deaf as the Obama presidency.” Hedges also says that “Clinton and the Democrats created the phenomenon that Donald Trump is responding to.”

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  4. I woke up this morning in an alternate universe of disbelief over last night’s election results–not only nationally, but here in Grays Harbor County, WA. Looking to see what brilliant radical Chris Hedges had to say about it all, at first I thought replaying his speech before a Jill Stein rally on Nov 5 must have been a mistake that would only continue my unhinged state of mind. I was wrong. I found the keen intellect of Chris Hedges refreshing in its ability to cut to the core of truth about the politics of the moment, and inspirational in his call for continued action against the tyranny of corporate power and growing fascism that threatens, enslaves, and destroys lives and freedoms with impunity here and around the world. He reminds us to be true to ourselves no matter what; that when we are, things could get worse before they get better; but that only when masses of people finally refuse to succumb to unjust power, control, greed, destruction of the environment, is it ever going to be replaced with a more humane and sane system of government and relationship with the planet and the world at large.

  5. Nothing much to add today….only that human beings are not machines; machinery breaks down, lets us down, fails; technology is a prospective tool not a vital determinant ~ life goes on.

    So I’d like to recommend a couple of relevant links to help us keep thinking hard about our choices and options ~ especially in the light of the Green party share of the vote, making them the real 1%…

    The first is the annual BBC Reith lecture, this year’s contribution is highly recommended, extremely relevant, so really worth listening to all four episodes including Q & A, with transcripts available as well

    and this TED conversation, worth reflecting upon in the context of Kwame Anthony Appiah’s fourfold Reith lecture theme of identity:

    Interestingly & coincidentally, TED’s curator Chris Anderson (who talks to Prof. Haidt) also attended the final BBC Reith episode in NY, where he asked a very pertinent, related question about cultural ‘threat,’ anger and fear @ 35:50

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