John Pilger: The Media Created Donald Trump

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Dandelion Salad


goingundergroundRT on Nov 9, 2016

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the US election results. Author and documentary filmmaker John Pilger tells us what has been revealed by Trump winning the U.S election. Plus what does a Donald Trump presidency mean for the Middle East?


CrossTalk: Trump’s Triumph!

RT on Nov 9, 2016

Against almost all the odds Donald Trump wins the American presidency. This is a historic political earthquake for the United States and the world. Welcome to Trumpland!

CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Gilbert Doctorow, and Rory Suchet.

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8 thoughts on “John Pilger: The Media Created Donald Trump

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  6. As John says, the reporting of the political year has been like a black satire….Just So; I’d liken it to the ‘4th estate’ on DMT ~ closely resembling some of the most surreal evocations of Federico Fellini, or Luis Buñuel….utterly preposterous ~ Rudyard Kipling gone feral in performance-enhancing overdrive.

    Consider the circumstances of those legendary cinematic geniuses. Buñuel lived as a Spanish exile from Franco’s Spain, alienated in Hollywood a left-wing misfit until he removed to Mexico after the war. Fellini emerged from post-war Italy to be a thorn in the side of a reactionary clerical establishment that censored his films; not only did those misogynist elites have no sense of humour, they nurtured the most corrupt banking practices and perpetuated covert pedophilic criminality throughout the papal dominions.

    So the Trump/Clinton soap was the stuff of nightmares alright.

    John Pilger’s forensic evaluation of the state of our world in this neoliberalised, slick
    neocon epoch of NATO-unlimited is brutally accurate. What the hell do these sick specimens want?

    It’s simply too deranged and beyond dangerous.

    • Crosstalk is always interesting. Plenty to relish in this episode. The issue of the EU is a colossal question, and nobody can say what may definitely emerge; only it is worth considering the likelihood of a renewed German relationship with Russia.

      So perhaps we should also reflect more carefully, on the enduring colonial defaults and impacts that the European powers have discharged historically & their enduring cultural effects, through centuries of European expansion & ecological imperialism ~ the Spanish conquests and vast areas of occupation like S. America & the Philippines; Portuguese trade, fisheries and colonies like (Brasil,) Guinea, Angola, Goa and Macau; the Dutch East Indies’ spice monopolies; France in the Maghreb & Levant, the British in Canada, India, Ceylon, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Burma, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Australasia; Leopold’s Belgian atrocities in Congo…and on and on.

      The US has always coveted China for some reason. I think it must be related to an unconscious instinct about the strong ethnic connection of the Americas with the Orient, and a sense of precious cultural riches sorely missing in an ethnically cleansed ‘frontier;’ and how ironic that the US should want to somehow possess or dominate the Middle Kingdom when the dirt-poor Chinese envisaged N America as the desired place of mythical possibilities and prospective wealth ~ for them Canada was the “Golden Mountain.”

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