The Stimulator: Meet Your New Overlord

Fuck Trump

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Dandelion Salad

from on Nov. 15, 2016

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump, many peeps are freaking the fuck out. Well, step back, take a break and watch our analysis.

What can we expect? Racists attacks, deportations, and appointments of neo-fascists and corporatists.

How did it happen? We break down the social media induced echo chamber effect.

What can we do? We bring you an interview with Redneck Revolt on organizing strategy for the years to come.

from the archives:

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  5. Dont forget to put some blame on Mark Zuckerberg for appointing an algorithm as editor of Facebook news feed stories. New feeds were flooded with fake stories demonizing the left and elevating Trump to virtual sainthood before the election, which the provincial, gullible and ignorant American masses ate up as fact. Unable to discriminate between fact and complete bullshit, due to their crappy educations, the Americans bought the outlandish ‘news’ stories hook, line and sinker, then spread them like wildfire among themselves. For example, The Pope Endorses Trump. Come on, the Pope does not endorse presidents, but buy it, they did. Evidently they are not at all able to employ critical thinking skills, have no education in history or world religion, and did not bat an eye at this story. And just yesterday we saw Homeless Vet Beaten to Death by Anti Trump Protesters. Please. So obviously planted, but this story, too, was shared and believed. It is a very sad comment on the intellectual prowess of the American masses. So I am afraid for the future of the United States, but not just because Trump is at the helm, but also because of the ignorant populace he will have to mold and manipulate into a new version of the SS.

    • People will share anything on Facebook without any thought whatsoever. They share without reading the article, looking at the source, etc. If they like the title and picture attached, it will get shared. Of course, an exception is all the great people who share Dandelion Salad’s posts on Facebook. 🙂

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