Abby Martin: The Unpredictability of Donald Trump


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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

TheRealNews on Nov 29, 2016

Paul Jay and Abby Martin discuss Trump’s cabinet appointments, the Green Party effort to vote recount, and who’s really producing the fake news.

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17 thoughts on “Abby Martin: The Unpredictability of Donald Trump

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  12. Abby spells it out exquisitely.

    Of course, Iran is the “last trump;” the President in waiting has been endowed with the final PNAC domino that cannot be allowed to fall however, because of the extremely dire consequences. But if these clowns must prosecute their really big war, they need look no further. However, it seems extremely unlikely that the rest of NATO will fall in line, as they are not all complete lunatics ~ and some of them may even feel accountable to the people whom they purport to be charged to protect and defend…

    Moreover, sooner or later it will dawn on (at least) some of the plutocratic oligopolists in Washington, that not only is climate THE issue and pollution combined with deforestation its cause, but water is arguably now the most significant element. Sane people, realize this is something we must all cooperate about internationally, not fight over like rabid mutants.

    Just because a vacuous charlatan will soon be ‘in charge,’ doesn’t mean the rest of the world is obliged to even listen to his drivel, let alone conform to his absurd diktats. As the English classicist Mary Beard concludes in her review a few years ago, of a book about a Roman imperial legend ~ “Whatever the ups and downs of double-speak, the fact is that most of Caligula’s senatorial friends and enemies survived his years in power to denounce him after his death; their vitriol is our legacy…” History it seems, often repeats.

    The White House may be a total shambles, but leading institutions in other countries are not all so irredeemably stupid.

    As for the US electoral process itself, I too agree with Greg Palast’s account.

    The fact is, we need radical reform from top to bottom, and not just in the US, but globally. It begins with responsible education, accountable regulatory structures and critical thinking about core principles. As is made clear in this interview, the US public is currently fed hogwash.

    My own view is that we should build a careful cosmopolitan consensus about community values and resourceful provisioning. We have to envisage and cultivate a resilient planetary food web that respects indigenous peoples & all species. Dutiful, intelligent and imaginative understanding of these traditions, and what their cultural contexts contribute to the universal (spiritual/ecological) quality of meaningful life, is therefore both essential and necessary.

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