Six13: Chanukah (Shake It Off) + Jewish Voice for Peace: End the Occupation of Palestine

Woman holding placard - Freedom for Palestine

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Dandelion Salad

Happy Chanukah!

Six13Sings on Dec 11, 2014

CHAG SAMEACH! Life got you down? You should be thinking about the miracle of light. Just shake it off… it’s Chanukah!

Against enormous odds we are making change.

Jewish Voice for Peace on Dec 14, 2016

Together we will succeed. Join Jewish Voice for Peace.

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2 thoughts on “Six13: Chanukah (Shake It Off) + Jewish Voice for Peace: End the Occupation of Palestine

  1. FIFTY years of hostility and discrimination is an absolute lie since the brutal occupation and first theft of Palestinian lands happened in 1948. Israel was no more entitled to Palestinian land before 1967 than it has been after. This is really irresponsible for JVP to keep putting out that kind of mis-representation. For a much more honest history, see the book “The General’s Son” by Miko Peled whose grandfather was a founder of Israel and hi father in the 1948 assault and a general in the 1967 assault. Miko also has many great talks and interviews online.

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