Trump’s Cabinet: The Church of Neoliberal Evangelicals + Abby Martin: 2016–Year in Review

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TheRealNews on Dec 26, 2016

Professor Henry Giroux says the appointments signal a future of more war and violent military interventions, and an embrace of Islamophobia.



Paul Jay and Abby Martin Say Goodbye to 2016

with Abby Martin

TheRealNews on Dec 21, 2016

Paul Jay and Abby Martin discuss the critical events of the year, including Trump’s victory, the Sanders breakthrough, and the worsening prospects for federal action on climate change.


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9 thoughts on “Trump’s Cabinet: The Church of Neoliberal Evangelicals + Abby Martin: 2016–Year in Review

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  4. Happy days…Professor Giroux lays out the challenges with astute contextual mastery. The alternative would have been, as many of us expected, far worse than this political pantomime in rehearsal.

    All we can say with much certainty at present, is that this Trump cabal is so blatantly market-led & cronyist, all the reactionary cards are now on the table. How this wonderland deck gets shuffled, stacked and dealt, remains in the surreal lap of the gods I suspect.

    Perhaps we should weigh the grave implications of arrogant Trump-style US ‘protectionism’ and undiplomatic precocity for the rest of the world. It seems highly unlikely that a grossly non-regulated free-for-all will ensue, without robust resistance on multiple fronts ~ both domestically and abroad.

    • As for Netanyahu’s latest manic outburst ~ seems to me he is bidding for posthumous status as the ugliest politician in the universe. Not exactly the boon companion any sane President-elect should be conciliatory towards.

      The problem with enemies, and reactionary adversarialism generally, is that it tends to provoke (& promote) the very thing it purports to condemn.

      Netanyahu has shed so much innocent blood, ruined so many promising lives and brutally mutilated so many innocents, his torturous soul is already fatally entangled in the writhing nemesis of destiny’s strangler fig; only he doesn’t know this yet, since the dreadfully impending enormity of those crimes has so far eluded him.

      Tant pis.

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