Julian Assange: Russia Was Not the Source of the Leaked Podesta Emails

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Fox News on Jan 3, 2017

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity, on whether or not Russia provided WikiLeaks the hacked Democratic emails.


Election-hacking malware had ‘no apparent relationship with Russian intelligence’

RT America on Jan 3, 2017

While the mainstream media mantra that “Russia hacked our election” continues to circulate, skeptics remain. Wordfence, a software engineering company known for its cybersecurity emphasis, analyzed the government’s official report about the supposed Russian cyberattack, and concluded that the malware used to hack the election was “old, widely used, and appears to be Ukrainian.” RT America’s Ashlee Banks brings us the story.

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21 thoughts on “Julian Assange: Russia Was Not the Source of the Leaked Podesta Emails

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  12. “malware used to hack the election” That’s a lame attempt at framing the discussion. There was ‘no’ hacking of the election. The one hacking incident that took place, with an ‘old’ program that can be purchased (or could be) online, was by some kid who phished John Podesta into changing and therefore giving his (new) password up. That kid, who Robert Steele says most certainly works with US intelligence, not Russian intelligence, now sits in a US prison. The election wasn’t ‘hacked’ and the Podesta and Clinton emails were leaked. What did the kid get, besides the password? I forget what they say he got.

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  18. I heard that the leaks came from within the DNC by a disgruntled Sanders supporter who was just pissed off at Hillary. Just more flimflam from the president on trying to tie the election to Russian meddling.

  19. Yes, I know my readers already know this, but it’s a good interview. Plus you can always pass it on to your “friends” who are stuck in the corporate media narrative.

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