John Pilger: Obama’s Legacy–One of The Most Violent Presidents


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RT on Jan 16, 2017

Renowned journalist, film-maker and author John Pilger gives RT his view on the future of US-Russia relations.

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16 thoughts on “John Pilger: Obama’s Legacy–One of The Most Violent Presidents

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  10. There are still a lot of people who believe Obama was a peaceful president. He didn’t deserve his Peace Prize, but he did deserve the award he won from Advertising Age magazine.

      • Ha ha Rocket ~ not many job opportunities left for that crew of deluded control freaks, since the demise of the fanatical Spanish Inquisition…of course we could conjecture it is precisely the continuity of that grim affair that still endures, replete with flying swastikas, in the USA’s paranoid deep-state, franchised bunkers.

        The history of (paraphilic) torture is a peculiarly apposite aide memoire, for anyone with a moral conscience, in these desperate anthropocene days of haunting epigenetic angst.

    • Perfect summary lmp!

      Obama’s great narcissistic sleight of hand, was his oratorical theatricality. His thespian vanity. He conned the ‘world’ ~ a dismal exemplar of the most cringing hypocrisy, in my estimation.

      We would have been better off by far had Michelle Obama been C-in-C; who by most accounts, appears to be a much stronger and more intelligent woman than Secretary of State Clinton. Altho’ as a ‘devoted’ spouse, one can’t help but question her emotional sanity.

      Eight years of Obama the smiling assassin….as J P states with alarming confidence, his inaugurating act was ‘authorizing’ Operation Cast Lead. We need more detail about that, for if accurate, it alone warrants his legacy being relegated unto perpetuity, to take its shameful place amidst the darkest annals of psychopathic atrocity.

      Otherwise it’s a bit like saying Adolf Hitler was a really nice guy, just because he was seen patting his dog.

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