Chris Hedges: The Future of the US Empire Under Donald Trump

"anche il 9 aprile" "per un piano alternativo di rifiuti.... SMASH IMPERIALISM!"

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Jan 28, 2017

On this week’s episode of On Contact, host Chris Hedges examines the future of the American empire under the Trump Administration with investigative journalist Allan Nairn. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil looks at the global reach of the American military.

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12 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: The Future of the US Empire Under Donald Trump

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  10. This is real good . Allen Nairn is brilliant .spot on except for a few points .

    1. Washington , Moscow , and Bejing uniting ? the first two i can see . the third may be problematic because of Trump’s relationship with Tiwain . Also , his butting heads with the mainland on trade. then again , in the art of the deal Trumpster may see the need for that triangle that Allen Nairn talks about . but will the Chinese.?

    2. Labor . Nairn seems to think that Trumpster will not be good on labor . does he mean here or abroad . if abroad – yes – i agree . but here – he has already met with labor and that is because that is how he won in 2016 and will try and win in 2020 — Wisc. Michigan , Ohio , Penn. THE RUST BELT BLUE STATES ! he turned them red . he knows he has to deliver and be true to labor and unions to win again .

  11. This is a valuable analysis of US militarism swerving alarmingly to the extreme right. If we accept the premise that tripartite convergence is probable, and this hubristic fusion must carry the whole world with it, then where are we now as a species exactly? Who are we? What are we? And why are we what we think we are? Or more to the point, is there another ‘many-world’ scenario that is genuinely possible, given the enormous momentum that is pushing this tendency toward absolute hegemonic dominance?

    Are we entering such a dark phase of social decline that the only way out, is through? For if we can still envisage a truly open, ecologically rich society, must we simply accept that we are destined to submit to this limiting and frankly juvenile notion of masculinist power for power’s sake?

    I think the answer to that is clearly negative, but manifold. Achieving the illusion of unified globalized strength is one thing, but maintaining that frail illusion by deception, is a quite distinct spectral hallucination that demands impossible measures. The danger is, that once pretenders to dominion set themselves up either as superior to, or even as competitors with ‘God,’ as arrogant New World nuclear-Caesars, the real power that informs the Universe may decide to intervene and set them straight.

    So I suspect all this might well literally erupt, in a ‘Goddess manifestation’ of biospheric proportions, resulting in a profound adjustment, from inexorable Earth upheaval ~ as inevitable seismic effects and dramatic volcanic events compensate for the devastating changes we have wrought; while all over the world, we may witness simultaneously, irrepressible initiatives on the part of the outraged, the oppressed, the disenfranchised and those who flatly refuse to condone or conform to brute tyranny and blind ignorance.

    After all is said, we are still human beings who recognize and acknowledge the legitimacy of free expression, revere sacred identity & respect creative, not destructive forces. Literally legions of individuals exist, who can refuse point blank, to submit to oppressive restrictive measures in any form, who aspire deeply to the incarnation of a cosmic expression that embodies the ecologically robust principle of Divine Justice ~ for ultimately this has to be the only solution to the world’s ills, one that really exists for those who have theurgical insight and esoteric multi-plane understanding; but who know it can only be realized if we work coherently, toward a greater purpose than the mere gratifications of profane empowerment.

    I somehow sense that an unprecedented compression of time may be occurring; as though evolutionary forces are strangely accelerating that are about to overwhelm the petty preoccupations of our current egotistically driven “leadership” struggles. Maybe this is just wishful thinking….but consider the scope of what is at stake.

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