All Politicians Are False Messiahs by Rocket Kirchner


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by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
February 9, 2017

Rousseau said that man is a social animal. Man is also a religious animal. In the socio-religio milieu there exists a deep messianic impulse. This impulse is expressed in a variety of ways. One of them is politics.

It does not matter what the motive of any politician is. What matters is the way we project our hope in that politician. Here in lies the rub. Invariably, sooner or later it is that projection and exaltation we give by supporting a politician that will let us down. It is this let down that makes all politicians false messiahs.

For those of us who have been around the block in the world of realpolitik it became apparent to us in our youth or middle age of this false messianic circus. But what about the youth of coming generations? When they get let down, many of them will just give up on political change or double down and place their faith in another.

This is not the fault per se of an honest politician (if you can even find one), but rather the amount of faith placed in that politician, as if he or she is the be all and end all of human hope and is treated as some kind of messiah. History is replete with such examples. And yet there is a need for statecraft, diplomacy, and coalition building to effect change and hopefully stave off the destructive elements in any civilization.

In the movie The Rainmaker there is a scene where one struggling lawyer battling a team of lawyers looks across the table to the head lawyer of the team who used to be a man of principle and says, “I am just wondering, do you remember the exact day you sold out?”

Sold out. Those two magic words are the perfect description of a false messiah. It is bad enough when a lawyer does it, but when a politician who wields great power and influence does it, it can be devastating to what was originally a good cause and to those who have too much faith in the person promoting that good cause.

So what happens when that politician sells out and the people who invested all their faith in him or her won’t hold that politician accountable, but rather choose to look the other way and rationalize the destructive acts despite the flowery rhetoric? They become part of the problem. So here we have it: so called do-gooders obstructing the good, all in the name of the good.

Oh oh oh, but it does not stop there. Oh no, indeed. Why? Because there are actually people who attempt to wake up these zombies, and are met with fierce attacks. Anyone who exposes a false messiah and his or her disciples are demonized. How? With fear, intimidation, and vote shaming. All of which are nothing more than a projection of the followers own cognitive dissonance because they live in denial of the messiah they worship who has become nothing more than a fallen idol.

When I see someone no matter what the ideology, go from hope to fear, and become promoters of that fear, my response is always the same “So, they got to you, too.” This cancer spreads. Of course when one is in the grip of a false messiah and their followers grip of terror, my words usually fall on deaf ears and logic is to no avail. Their ad hominum is a logical fallacy, so making an attempt to reason to one in such an emotional inferno is futile.

This would be funny if it was not so deadly. False messiahs can really bring out the worst in people. This creates a lethal atmosphere and stifles any capacity for dialogue or civilized debate. The next step in this slippery slope from election to election is to silence any dissenting voices. The goal of course is uniformity. Intolerance coming in the name of tolerance. Does such a place exist where this happens? Yes. It has consistently for hundreds of years. It is called America.


Bob Dylan – Political World

BobDylanVEVO on Oct 9, 2015

In 1989, Bob Dylan released Oh Mercy, his twenty-sixth studio album. Watch the official music video of “Political World” now, directed by John Mellencamp.

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8 thoughts on “All Politicians Are False Messiahs by Rocket Kirchner

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  2. Rocket:

    You’re absolutely right. I have only one question: if it isn’t possible to “wake up the zombies” but reasoning with them, might it yet be possible to wake them up by loving them?


    • yes Brian ! Love is the key . and taking time to listen to them . When someone is in the grip of a false messiah on any level, it is very difficult to reason with them at all.

    • yes indeed David – this sick symbiosis between politicians and voters that are sliding down really becomes so destructive to the person and to the atmosphere around that person that they poison .

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