Edward Snowden: If We Are Going To Protect The Rights Of Anyone, We Have To Be Able To Protect The Rights Of Everyone


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Edward Snowden talks about FBI’s COINTELPRO, CIA’s MK-ULTRA and Black Lives Matters

acTVism Munich on Jan 17, 2017

In this interview with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden we talk about the history of intelligence agencies and some notable whistleblowers.


Edward Snowden on Donald Trump, Obama’s Presidency, Activism & Liberty & his life in Exile

acTVism Munich on Jan 24, 2017

In this interview with NSA-whistleblower, activist and human rights advocate, Edward Snowden, we talk to him about the the role of politicians and whether Donald Trump will misuse the power of the surveillance state. In addition, we discuss Snowden’s normal day in exile.

– With Donald Trump in Power is absolute tyranny inevitable given the power of the surveillance state today?
– What is the role of the individual in curbing power? Does she or he have the instruments to change the course for the better?
– Is there a difference between morality and legality? Is there a precedence where breaking the law is the only resort?
– What is the meaning of liberty today and how does it effect our daily lives?
– Which laws have been recently [passed] to expand the surveillance in Russia, China, UK, Germany and the United States?
– How does Snowden’s normal day in exile look like and why did he chose to stay in Russia?

All of this and more are addressed in this video.

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15 thoughts on “Edward Snowden: If We Are Going To Protect The Rights Of Anyone, We Have To Be Able To Protect The Rights Of Everyone

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  10. This is a splendid interview; frankly, it ought to be obligatory & essential viewing for any US citizen concerned with the integrity of their Constitution; with what political morality and due process are; about the importance of critical thinking and cognitive probity; the primacy of international law; and the indispensable necessity of universal human rights.

    Ed Snowden is extremely articulate and presents his position with acute conviction. I admire his courage, and the determination he displays ~ to endure the outrageous abuses that the ‘official’ servants of his country have perpetrated against him. The arrogance and criminality of the US ‘establishment’ in all its various guises (and disguises) is not only disgraceful, but repulsive, vulgar and reprehensible in the extreme.

    I had already listened to most of this, but welcome the opportunity to hear it again. He makes consistently excellent points. A fine discourse. This is a man who should be running the business of his country, not compelled to be ‘running away.’

    For those not afraid of strong home truths, who might appreciate a little more unalloyed & unvarnished history that illuminates the way the inverted public narrative corrupts our civic consciousness, I heartily recommend John Pilger’s talk at the Off the Shelf Festival of Words last October, in the UK ~ coherent authenticity in ‘trumps’ https://vimeo.com/192608722

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