Chris Hedges: The Corporate State’s Assault on the Arts

Chris Hedges and JoAnne Akalaitis: Assault on the Arts

Screenshot by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Feb 25, 2017

On this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges discusses the corporate state’s assault on the arts with theater director and writer JoAnne Akalaitis. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil examines calls to defund the National Endowment of the Arts.

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12 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: The Corporate State’s Assault on the Arts

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  11. In the mid 70’s I had a mime company that was funded by the National Endowment and the South Carolina Arts Commission. My little company supported three artists full-time and a musician part-time. In 1978 I moved to NYC to be in the theater. But government support for the arts has slowly been stripped away. Our government does not support theater because good theater is dangerous. Theater at its best opens your mind, your heart and your soul to the truth. Theater can change the world and we live in a corporate culture that glorifies war and violence and greed at the expense of love and life and justice. Without art we are a soulless society adrift in own hubris and lies.

    • ‘…good theater is dangerous…’ exactly so ~ altogether a beautifully phrased comment, thank you recoveringarmybrat !

      “(Part of) the power of theater/re is that it can make you feel ideas…” I so very strongly agree with that key observation from Chris H.

      …because, it is an experiential context in which we can both share and witness what it means to think out loud & be human ~ to enter into a zone of empathy and identity through symbolic actions, brought to life by the formal exercise of sheer imagination or ‘make-believe;’ it generates primal aesthetic understanding ~ the pure imaginal space of the poetic soul.

      It is also, at its best, a politically conscious rite of communal self-knowing and reflexive social comprehension.

      Yes, the Greeks knew a lot about this….!

      Vis a vis that French paradox….I know France a little having lived there, and the great strength of this quintessential heartland of European diversity is of course its communalism; but with that wonderful regional character, comes the inevitable downside & inverted tendency to parochialism or cliche.

      That is why France really still needs to invest in its cultural heritage and constantly remind itself that the great philosophers and artists were so often (as is the case almost everywhere) non-conformist, controversial & challenging ! as all art must be ! that is its point; to reflect and refract our prejudices whilst revealing our truest depths ~ alerting us to our ancestral possibilities, frailties…and our exceptional gifts.

      “The fundamental belief in the healing power, of the teaching power of art…is what is an essential ingredient of the spiritual heartbeat of what it is to be a human being…& you can’t get rid of it…” Wonderful.

      Just to clarify & notwithstanding her curious almost incoherent reference to “enormous” respect and admiration due? for Obama: that alleged PhD in ‘philanthropology’ is not not actually supported by the accompanying RT graphic, which reads ‘philanthropic studies…’ altho’ a cursory search reveals there does appear to be an emergent field defined by the former; but to what extent it may be a legitimate scholarly discipline underwritten by a body of coherent research remains to be established perhaps.

      ‘-ologies’ in general seem to be a peculiarly American intellectual fetish ~ somebody should probably write a definitive dissertation about that…but then William James once famously penned a celebrated essay entitled the PhD Octopus, so perhaps the whole sophist rigmarole is open to universal skeptical analysis, robust criticism and categorical deconstruction.

      Great interview !

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