John Pilger: There is Already Nuclear War Because the Threat of Nuclear War is Part of Warfare


Image by Ben Salter via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with John Pilger

RayHenman on Mar 11, 2017

From the Riverside Theatre Parramatta, Sydney Australia 2017

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18 thoughts on “John Pilger: There is Already Nuclear War Because the Threat of Nuclear War is Part of Warfare

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  14. Good to hear someone not too caught up in academic arms control theory. Yes, the threat of first use is part of the game. This is part of why I support tactical air delivery and the likely deployment of LRSO over other systems like upgrading Minuteman to GBSD.

    Airborne systems give both the capacity to threaten and the ability to back down. Ground based systems are too either/or. Airborne standoff systems, a staple of US nuclear deployments since the early sixties allow for a “maybe” answered by a “no”.

  15. Really interesting to hear John Pilger speaking calmly here after listening to Chris Hedges’ emotive talk in Vancouver. John’s approach is so grounded, relaxed and truly sanguine. I think myself, that he has witnessed so much, he has remained extremely stoic; he nearly always manages to present his deep insights with great composure and care.

    Although I admire Chris Hedge’s immense sincerity, compassion and devotion to the cause of historical truth….John’s reading is qualitatively very different ~ less rousing and always pragmatic. His take on the US security state ‘establishment’ attitude to Trump (@ 44 ff) is succinct and in my opinion, accurate. Of course since this was recorded, Trump has vacillated; so maybe Mr Bannon has other sinister plans. Or perhaps Trump never had any plans….only slogans.

    In principle I think John is still right; there is great division within the sprawling US power structure as it presently exists, & Trump is a volatile threat to their fanatical agenda of global control of the information economy and resource profiteering. I dare say there will be ample efforts to encourage cloak ‘n dagger chicanery within Trump’s team; every opportunity to cultivate ‘traitors’ will be sought and exploited fully.

    I agree with John that a war with Russia is the greater risk. However no sane person who knows anything about Russia’s capabilities can even contemplate such a massively irresponsible scenario; it could only occur by mistake. Or ~ perhaps be initiated as a reckless provocation, inspired by the fanatical extremism that Bannon appears to be gripped by; that could then arise suddenly in the precarious context of the present lethal horror of the Middle-east’s killing fields.

    I am slightly confused by what JP says @ 46:30 that “Trump threatens ‘him’ by wanting to make peace with Russia…” does he mean threaten ‘them’ ~ the pillars of the security establishment; or is he referring back to the question about Bannon? It is not clear, but the general idea is sound enough.

    The Milan Kundera quote “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”

    Very graciously presented by the host. 60 films ! ! What an immense achievement, many of which are of unmatched moral and historical significance.

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  17. “Good old Parmatta. I am a bit more sanguine about nuclear war. I think Putin and the Chinese are much better chess players than the US and they continue to outfox US attempted threats and aggression. The internal ructions in the US are an indication of an empire in decline and Putin and the Chinese are sitting with rather big smiles on their faces watching the unholy circus play out. They all have their problems however one thing to remember is that narcissists desperately protect their own skin and the fear of conflagration will prevent their use. I agree it is psychological nuclear war more so than actual use of these weapons. People in power love power and nuclear war is still a zero sum game and with hypersonic delivery systems no one will have the advantage. The US carrier fleets are already extremely vulnerable. Weapons are a business and no businessperson is going to destroy the means of wealth appropriation. Keep the people afraid and whamo they will feed their hard earned larges to the greed mongers. Its all a shell game for the lot of them. A view from outside the precincts of national predjudice helps.”

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