John Pilger: Trump Fired Those Missiles In Order To Save His Political Skin

World War 3 - XV

Image by r2hox via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with John Pilger

goingundergroundRT on Apr 15, 2017

Legendary journalist and filmmaker John Pilger tells us how close we are now to a nuclear war.

from the archives:

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16 thoughts on “John Pilger: Trump Fired Those Missiles In Order To Save His Political Skin

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  12. JP always ‘on point.’ Bravo John!

    Later, ‘Sir’ Tony Brenton refers to “strong evidence” of Syrian/Russian culpability, but does not reveal what this remarkable evidence consists of……then he carries on blithely about how everyone in the NATO club believed Saddam actually had WOMD capability.

    So we are expected to conclude that “our” collegial Western governments, believing naively in preposterous disinformation cooked up by their own intelligence boffins, is sufficient excuse or moral justification for them to act upon it ~ with the most horrendous and lethal consequences!

    What utterly, smug drivel. “Violent UN inspired rhetoric??” So he condemns this as regrettable, but happily ‘sanctions’ vicious reprisals without even any investigation??? Is he already a fully-fledged idiot or just practicing?

    Yes, validation is needed ‘Sir’ Tony ~ indeed it is.

    Grenades in their eyes…

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