John Pilger: The World Is Being Primed To Regard China As A New Enemy

John Pilger--The World Is Being Primed To Regard China As A New Enemy

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with John Pilger

Follow the Money on Apr 17, 2017

In this interview, economist and founder of, Jerry Robinson, discusses the potential threat of nuclear war between East and West. In his latest film, The Coming War on China, John Pilger reveals that the United States and China, both nuclear-armed, may well be on the road to war. The film is both a warning and an inspiring story of resistance.

With over 60 titles to his credit, award-winning journalist and documentary film maker John Pilger joins Jerry for a discussion of his latest documentary, “The Coming War on China”, in which he reveals that the United States and China, both nuclear-armed, may well be on the road to war. Key points include:

– The true origin of “Bikini”
– The helpless, unsuspecting victims in the Marshall Islands
– The depth of willful ignorance on the part of the U.S. elites
– The true issues on the Korean Peninsula
– The lost art of diplomacy
– Is the war in Asia inevitable?
– Is war real to this generation of Americans?



A nuclear war between the United States and China is not only imaginable but a current ‘contingency’, says the Pentagon. Filmed over two years across five potential flashpoints in Asia and the Pacific, THE COMING WAR ON CHINA reveals the build-up to war on more than 400 US military bases that encircle China in a ‘perfect noose’.

Using rare archive and remarkable interviews with witnesses, Pilger’s film discloses America’s secret history in the region – the destruction wrought by the equivalent of one Hiroshima every day for 12 years, and the top secret ‘Project 4.1’ that made guinea pigs of the population of the Marshall Islands.

In key interviews from Pentagon war planners to members of China’s confident new political class, who rarely feature in Western reports, Pilger’s film challenges the notion and propaganda of China as a new ‘enemy’.

THE COMING WAR ON CHINA is also a film about the human spirit and the rise of an extraordinary resistance in faraway places. On the island of Okinawa, home to 32 US bases, the population is challenging the greatest military power in the world. On the Korean island of Jeju, villagers block the entrance to a new nuclear naval base, with its missiles aimed at China.

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3 thoughts on “John Pilger: The World Is Being Primed To Regard China As A New Enemy

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  3. “….the equivalent of one Hiroshima bomb, was exploded in these islands every day for twelve years….”

    The United States is the ‘evil empire’ they desire so much to obliterate perpetually; from the days of Dulles, these Titans of the grotesque have emulated and actually surpassed their racist Nazi role models.

    The Marshall Islands history is beyond criminal. Program 4.1. It is hard to find words adequate to describe, let alone condemn these heinous, sick ecocidal horrors.

    Trump is terrifying, because he resembles nothing so much as a tantrum-prone infant, anxious to sling his vile toys everywhere with indiscriminate enthusiasm. The difference between what Trump is like and what Clinton would have pursued is really a question of speed, strategic restraint and intensity.

    The latter would have sanctioned slow death through methodical ‘PNAC’ escalation…Trump is a belligerent clown, grand-standing and shouting like a psychotic primate, not dissimilar from Mussolini.

    Yes ~ primitive, regression…John is absolutely right. Trump confuses diplomacy with seduction, and seduction with rape.

    Perpetual paranoia, that is official US policy; actually, psychotic delusion buttressed by immense PR franchises and subcontractual covert cyber-spin.

    Remember MAD magazine?

    I think Paul Craig Roberts got it right in his recent post on GR

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