A U.S. Guide: 7 Steps to Kill a Revolution

Eva Golinger: Venezuela is in the Center of a Geopolitical Battlefield

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The same plan used in the 1970s to overthrow Salvador Allende in Chile, is being used by the U.S. today in Venezuela against the Bolivarian Revolution. These are the steps to kill a revolution.

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  19. We had no business being in Chile, trying to overthrow an elected government, and we have no business in Venezuela trying to do the same. Socialism in Chile was imposed from the top down; whereas, in Venezuela it is much more of a grass roots movement. The wealthy oligarchy who skimmed Venezuelan petroleum wealth are the only ones trying to topple Maduro. The US wants Venezuelan petroleum, and want to get it without paying more than a mere token for it. This type of American foreign policy has to change or we will be locked into continued conflict with the rest of the world. China is going into Africa for the natural resources; however, they are putting in considerable infrastructure, and paying much more than American or European corporations whose sole intent is exploitation.

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