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by Lo
Dandelion Salad
May 28, 2017

Time for a new Open Forum on Dandelion Salad.

Please discuss whatever you’d like on any topic or issue.

Always be polite to others who are commenting.

40 thoughts on “New Open Forum on Dandelion Salad

  1. Greetings Lo from Rand Clifford.

    Been trying to save all my articles after a computer deaths.

    Seems there are well over 100 of them on many sites. Some of the best resides at Dandelion Salad. Thank you!

    I decided to archive whatever I could find mainly because of the War On Truth currently infecting the Internet. The old days are gone; the brave new world of truth lockdown…are here, and most of my best articles would never be publishable now. I have a backlog of many new works that never quite got finished because I couldn’t keep my fingers out of the truth jar. “Extremely Advertiser Unfriendly”…that seems my predicament.

    Hope you are doing well. Thanks again for all you have done.


  2. Hey guys, I seem to have lost your guys’ email, could you please email me, I’d like to submit an article.

      • Hi, Lo! Mark Mason and I collaborated again, and on Feb. 5th, had an article published by Dissident Voice. Please let me know if you’d be interested in reading it and publishing it on Dandelion Salad. I’ll email you the link to the article on DV and a Word File of the article if you’re interested in checking it out. It’s about high school dropouts being unconscious rebels against the education/prison system and capitalist culture.

  3. Your FeedBurner email subscription request function is not working. After completing the reCaptcha successfully, it returns an error message when the Complete button is clicked. :o(

    • Thanks for letting me know, Christopher.

      I have no control over it as it’s done by FeedBurner. I did try it myself just now and it worked. I had to use a different browser so that could be the difficulty. I used one without a proxy.

      Sometimes a clearing of your cache and cookies help resolve technical problems, so you can try doing that, too.

      If you want me to put in your email address, I can do it for you, but you will have to “approve” it by going to your inbox and clicking the link in the email. Let me know if you want me to do this for you.

  4. Thanks for all of your work in consolidating different voices and bringing them together on your site. It appears to be a very critical and formative point in our national history. It also feels like a very tenuous time.

    In solidarity,

    • Thank you, Jon. I’m not a writer so I’m very pleased that the writers send me their latest articles to publish here.

      All the photos are either taken by me (I used to be a photographer) or from Creative Commons licenses on Flickr. I so appreciate those photographers who share their fine work with us bloggers.

      Usually the videos are ones I’ve found on Youtube or other video channels.

      Yes, we live in very interesting times, to say the least.

      In solidarity,

  5. I read Gareth Porter’s article on bipartisan House bill, H. Con. Res. 81. What is the status of that bill? I haven’t seen any report on the results of a vote though the article informs us that:

    “Con. Res. 81 applies a provision of the War Powers Act to ensure that opponents in the Foreign Affairs Committee or the majority leadership won’t be able to keep it bottled up without a vote. The War Powers Act puts any proposed Congressional resolution for action regarding an unauthorized use of force on a fast track for an early floor vote, making it a “priority resolution.” Once the measure is referred to the House or Senate foreign affairs committee, the War Powers Act requires that the committee report out a resolution within fifteen days, and that the resolution must then come to a vote within three days.”

  6. Hi DS. I’ve visited your blog and commented on it before. And you’ve visited mine. When I see that you’ve liked something I’ve written (much appreciated by the way), I try to stop into your blog and check it out in order to return the support. This time, I found an interesting blog post, including an interview with Guido Preparata, which I was in the middle of reading and listening to and, when I tried to post a brief mention of another book that came to my attention, about Nazi Germany’s race laws being fashioned in imitation of America race laws (of earlier times), I could not post it. And I was signed into WordPress at the time. I thought you might like to know. Incidentally, Neither Duck Duck Go nor Google returns anything for Guido’s book. At least not when I searched just now (9:30am, Sat, Sept 23, 2017). Later…

    • Scroll down to see the video on the blog post. It’s there.

      The links in the video description are from the video uploader. I cannot control links that may have been deleted especially on a post 9 years old!

  7. I just stumbled upon dandelion salad yesterday while doing some research. The heading “Before you enlist,” caught my eye because I wrote a heartfelt essay years ago called “Reasons Why A Young Person Should Not Join the Military.” My wife & her brother were encouraging my son to join & it scared the hell out of me so I spent two days at the kitchen table just pouring out every reason against joining that I could think of. I have revised it and have shared it with anyone & everyone whom I thought might appreciate it. I believe Chalmers Johnson was correct in saying that we (in the U.S.) probably spend more like a trillion dollars a year on military weapons, etc. because nuclear weapons are actually under the administration of the Energy Dept. not the Dept. of Defense. I’m sure Eisenhower would be rolling over in his grave if he knew just how far down the rabbit hole the U.S. Military/Industrial/Congressional/Media/Higher Education, etc. Complex we have fallen. The new title of the essay I mentioned is “The Politics of Patriotism,” & I’d love to share it as just my little way of trying to fight the madness. Persevere! (by the way, I was in the U.S. Army but when it came to possibly being sent to Vietnam, I kept going AWOL until they let me out of the army)

    • Hi Robert and thank you for your comment. Glad you found Dandelion Salad and the post on Don’t Enlist. It’s the most important one here, in my opinion.

      I’ll email you with my email address so you can send me your article for me to read. It sounds like something I’d like to publish here.

      cheers, Lo

    • Oops, your email doesn’t work. You’ll have to send me your email again. Just comment to this post and I’ll see it but won’t publish the comment. OK?

  8. Perhaps not too clearly but I’ll try to convene my idea: more often than not talk shows and such have as guests all kinds of “experts”. How about a show giving us ‘non experts’ a chance to express our views and thoughts? Nowhere is it written that ‘experts’ always get it right and yet, some of us ‘non experts’ might – just might, have interesting ideas on any given subject. On TV, for example, instead of boring us with Summer reruns, how about giving young people the chance of being creative, offer something totally different. So what if ratings are not high – nobody was born knowing everything.

    • Turn off the TV. There are plenty of videos available on whatever topic one is interested in learning about on the Internet, many of them produced by youth.

  9. Can anyone give me the specific details on how one becomes a dual US/Israeli citizen? I’ve researched some of the law, but the protocols one needs to follow are clearly defined.

  10. I also use this comment section for a Contact page. If you’ve never commented here before, your message will be only to me. I will then contact you if necessary.

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