Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff and Kate Crehan at The Left Forum 2017: Gramsci’s Importance for the Left Today

Thomas Hirschhorn, Gramsci Monument, 2013

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with Chris Hedges, and

OpenUnivoftheLeft on Jun 5, 2017

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“28 maximum-security inmates, guided by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Chris Hedges, write a play on horrors of mass incarceration.”

“This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, June 30 2017 7:45 AM CDT.”

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4 thoughts on “Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff and Kate Crehan at The Left Forum 2017: Gramsci’s Importance for the Left Today

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  4. Kate Crehan delivers some valuable insights, especially vis a vis Gramsci’s discourse on common sense.

    It has always bothered me that notions of ‘inequality’ are so often flawed by an absence or denial of any adequate allowance for sensible and authentic proportionality.

    Nature is a perpetual living process of exquisite adjustment.

    Society lacks this meticulous capacity, because groups of people are corralled by circumstance or prejudice, and herded into “classes;” not according to their actual capabilities, but often solely through the chance of birth, or the limitations of education and opportunity.

    If we were to reject this arbitrary and circular assumption, that society consists entirely of socially engineered determinants, artificial & self-fulfilling parameters that restrict intelligence and ability, according to a prescriptive lottery of birthright and privilege, everything would change in an instant ~ because consensus opinion would be derived from a shared acknowledgment of the necessity for mutual respect and difference, not ‘politically correct,’ artificially contrived, criteria of spurious “sameness.”

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