Abby Martin: Sabotage, Not Socialism, is the Problem in Venezuela

Abby Martin: Sabotage, Not Socialism, is the Problem in Venezuela

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Jun 17, 2017

Today in the corporate media, Venezuela’s economic problems are used to paint the country as a failed state, in need of foreign-backed regime change.

To get the Bolivarian government’s side of the crisis, Abby Martin interviews Venezuela’s Minister of Economic Planning, Ricardo Menéndez. They discuss shortages, oil dependency, the role of the US-backed opposition movement and more.

The Empire Files joined him in Cojedes, Venezuela, where he was speaking to mass community meetings, organizing the population to fight against what he calls an economic war.

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  10. When Nixon and Kissinger engineered the violent 1973 coup against Chile overthrowing the democratically elected Allende, the unforgettable phrase from the war criminal Kissinger rhymes with Venezuela today. Before carrying out the military overthrow of the Chilean government, Kissinger infamously talked about “..making the (Chile) economy scream.” Kissinger taught overthrowing governments to his students as a Harvard professor.

    The warmongering world multi-billionaire class has the option of paying Venezuelans a fair price for the oil then selling for a decent profit, but greed overcomes them and results in violent coercive actions to “have it all”, confirming “all wars are bankers’ wars”.

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