Jayati Ghosh: Imperialism in the 21st Century: Capitalism, Globalization, Privatization


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TheRealNews on Jun 26, 2017

Imperialism, explains renowned economist Jayati Ghosh – whether explicit or implicit – is about the struggle to control economic territory such as markets, workers & labor, natural resources and new kinds of markets that are developed.


Part 2

TheRealNews on Jun 27, 2017

Large capital, when on its knees, makes concessions to labor. But now, with disproportionate bargaining power under new global forms of capitalist organization, is pushing down the share of wages in national income, says renown economist Jayati Ghosh.


Part 3

TheRealNews on Jun 28, 2017

New forms of economic territory, including privatized commons, cannot lift capitalism out of the stagnation that it pushed itself into because it has suppressed wage incomes, says renowned economist Jayati Ghosh.


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12 thoughts on “Jayati Ghosh: Imperialism in the 21st Century: Capitalism, Globalization, Privatization

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  8. Professor Jayati Ghosh explains everything beautifully.

    How extraordinary, and ironic…also profoundly telling…that such an eloquent and distinguished economist is barely known to the general public ~ in Trump’s ‘Bannonized’ bubble-West, outside the specialized academic sphere she indwells, with such consummate coherence, elegance and adequacy.

    This is not exactly a mystery; as it is simply yet another salient example of the cynical functioning of the media machinery, owned & operated by the tycoon drivers of neo-imperial control.

    So, who is really the slave and who, or what, is the real master in this deterministic universe of self-fulfilling ‘convolvulus’ self-importance? Of course, there is an obvious clue in the C word. Caput is Latin for head.

    The minions of capital must serve this all powerful “head” with unquestioning devotion and commitment ~ or else. It is esteemed as the fons et origo of all good, & goods. Its sole purpose is to serve itself. This is inverted narcissism on an extraordinary scale, far exceeding anything the buttoned-up Victorians ever dreamed of.

    Capitalism no longer feeds off pythonesque faux-religion; it has actually replaced it. It has become a uniquely profane religion of greed; replete with ordained priests, a material eucharist (profit) and a ruthless warrior caste of totalitarian bonded enforcers.

    As I see it, the entwined forces that have occupied and enchained our emergent contemporary world, are unrestrained industrialism and corrupted (pseudo-)science.

    Science grew from, but has been methodically ‘captured’ by capitalized industry; largely through the dominance of opportunistic arms-bazaar elitism, fanatical repression and moral duplicity.

    The idea of an unrestricted, independent scientific ‘method,’ has been steadily appropriated, eroded, rendered down, reduced and bound to a relentless, exponential agenda of ferocious ecocidal dominance & war-mongering.

    Professionalized scientism is nothing less than the bastard financial dependent of swollen intellect’s precocious apprentice, the privatized academy ~ little more than the tenured lackey of applied pragmatism in the service of relentless extractive ‘austerity’ capital.

    Markets that could serve the traditional indigenous needs of a global populace (…through a great diversity of culturally distinctive, but also not infrequently, ruthless monarchical hierarchies…) have become a pervasively destructive, unified tyranny of ‘necessity.’

    The question is ~ can this change? How will it change? Professor Ghosh is optimistic and measured in her analysis. India is a relatively small ‘sub-continent’ with a huge population.

    Predicting the past is said to be the province of historians. The future is the limitless material of Art.

    Will humanity adjust its predatory tendencies, or must violent ecological change erupt from within the molten, seething depths of the Earth itself to cure our ills ~ will the uncompromising forces of Nature have to reassert evolutionary sovereignty over this sprawling Narcissus of myopic presumptive power?

    My own view is we should be preparing for these burgeoning probable contingencies, with dutiful and conscientious foresight.

    The “climate of thought” has become ‘the’ supreme weapon. Should we wield it unwisely, it will be to our very great cost.

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