There Really Is No Alternative – To The Truth by William Bowles

RIP Grenfell Tower

Image by duncan c via Flickr

by William Bowles
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Investigating Imperialism
London, England
July 23, 2017

But then I think, no! This can’t be so, how can life be so cruel?

But then I think, we have so little power but so much comprehension, so maybe that’s it;

Comprehend but do nothing.

This is Grenfell Tower, so much comprehension, so much understanding, so little power.

The unpacking begins. The explorations wander through mazes. We catalogue, we classify, we empathise, we explicate, we condemn, but do nothing.

The act of describing is enough. Enough is enough.

Is enough.

And as the days roll by, more explications roll by.

The tests. I laugh!

The tests a sham.

The tests begin – again.

Then bizarrely music fills my brain. Somehow, the music explains.

I hear chords, they strike a chord.

The corpses, they pile up in a strange land. Corpses are the same everywhere. And not surprisingly, the Grenfell corpses are identical to Aleppo corpses, as are Mosul corpses, are the same as the…I can’t go on.

This has to stop!

But then I think, this can’t be so.

But it is.

That woman, blonde she was, well coiffed she was. Beautiful nails, she spoke and out came shit, nothing but empty shit, and so well coiffed, but shit just the same.

How can this be so? So much is known, so little acted on.

They explicate, they analyse, they categorise, they bury us with little truths, piled up like corpses in a stairwell, each one a truth, each truth a little death.

Lots of little deaths don’t make one big death.

Perhaps the causes somehow change the end. The end becomes the beginning and in doing becomes the end.

They bury us with little truths

The truths pile up like corpses

Each corpse a truth, each truth a lie

Each lie a death

Each death a life.

St. Thomas’s Hospital, 22 July 2017

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  3. Western Capitalist Civilization: Human Reason deformed into Capitalist Technological Rationality, Human Soul made subservient to it and deformed, and tailored to its requirements. Deformed “logic” derived from it. The modern God of Capital substituted for all the Old Gods. Technology empowering Capital and Capital empowering Technology, and both producing the modern Mutilated Capitalist Humans, clever, efficient, and smart, but soulless.

    Action for justice, truth, and goodness comes from the Human Soul. It cannot come from eroded and deformed souls. All these deformations also being exported to the Eastern Capitalist Civilization, which, in fact, has already become part of the Western Capitalist Civilization.

    Unless relatively undeformed Human Reason gets coupled with and empowered by the relatively undeformed Human Soul, all the analyses of the former – there are mountains of them everywhere, which after getting processed by the human mental apparatus, get thrown into its garbage bin – will continue to remain powerless and actionless.

    • No, don’t use Disqus here. Wouldn’t it be for the particular website that happens to use Disqus, or is every site that uses their commenting system? I hope not.

      • No, it appears to be for all Disqus. It was after I criticized Israeli imperialism and a commenter called me anti-Semitic. It’s astonishing they have that much power, but they previous simply banned the memory hole blog and professor James Tracy as well. Both Google and Facebook are owned by Zionists, and perhaps other corporations as well. But the censorship is getting worse and will probably continue to get worse increasingly.
        What;s surprising to me is that critique US imperialism routinely, referring to them as a bunch of gangsters, but this occurred after stating that the Israel Lobby influences US Mideast policy. A more or less conventional assertion. But possibly their censorship involves a cumulative assessment.

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