Vijay Prashad: Trump is Setting Up a Dangerous Confrontation With Iran + Saudi Arabia Set to Execute 14 Protesters

don't attack Iran peace in persia

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TheRealNews on Jul 24, 2017

Vijay Prashad and Paul Jay discuss the American, Saudi and Israeli ​campaign ​against Iran and the new Cold War with Russia.



“Saudi Arabia soon executes 14 individuals”

PressTV News Videos on Jul 25, 2017

A prominent rights organization has urged Saudi Arabia to halt the executions of 14 individuals who were sentenced to death on charges of taking part in anti-government protests.

Amnesty International says the men were convicted following unfair trials based on confessions obtained under torture. The rights group said it is gravely concerned if justice has been served warning that the men could be executed as soon as the King ratifies their sentences. Saudi Arabia claims the defendants committed violent crimes as they joined anti-government protests in the country’s Eastern province back in 20-11 and 20-12. Some 15 others were also given death sentences on charges of spying for Iran. Prominent human rights organizations accuse the Kingdom of issuing death penalties to suppress dissidents and the opposition.

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8 thoughts on “Vijay Prashad: Trump is Setting Up a Dangerous Confrontation With Iran + Saudi Arabia Set to Execute 14 Protesters

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  6. Same old tactic. Divide and conquer is hardly original. This is not statecraft, it is ignorant, hypernormalized villainy. Plain stupid, arrant egotism ~ dressed to kill.

    Quite apart from its perverse creed of dominance ~ the arrogant assumption of US entitlement to impose its twisted will on any state that suits its elitist hegemonic neo-liberal ambition ~ apart from that, which translates into the hubristic corporate pragmatism of tactical annihilation….what is their actual strategic policy? Is there any coherent ‘diplomatic’ plan?

    Does anything truly intelligent, visionary and farsighted really exist, outside of the fascistic PNAC project, and its hallucinated zionist framework of “universal” omnipotence?

    As the Chinese point out, the difference between the ‘Christianized’ West (ie so-called “Christendom”) & the Confucianist attitude, is that the West insists on imposing its perverted will, whereas the Chinese are more subtle; seeking approval rather than relying upon intimidation, wild threats and ruthless violence.

    Petroleum sheikdom is a short-term dynastic blip after all. Scriptural conceits & biblical arrogance may carry considerable localized weight, but real cultural maturity is born of courageous exchange and fearless understanding.

    Tragically for the “un-Enlightened” West, the focus of our establishment media ~ backed up by heavily endowed, Western educational paradigms of religious and scientific superiority ~ is frankly myopic, aggrandizing & self-serving. Such political narcissism, celebrity vanity & overt intellectualism cannot endure.

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