Abby Martin: Insurgency and US Threats in Venezuela

Abby Martin: Insurgency and US Threats

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with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Jul 31, 2017

Use of force by Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Guard has become a regular sight in corporate media, and those actions are used by foreign powers as justification for intervention.

With very real possibilities of another US-backed coup, Abby Martin interviews the head of Venezuela’s Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, General Padrino López. They discuss the National Guard’s control of food and medicine, condemnations over use of force, and the threat of US military intervention.

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  8. This is the only source of careful investigative reporting that I have seen on the web or heard on national radio here in the UK, that tells us precisely what the mainstream narratives do not. Maybe I’m just not searching hard enough for balanced, responsible and informed coverage.

    Only, given the present disreputable state of affairs in Washington, I find it simply ludicrous to suppose that any fair-minded person can credit the heavily biased ‘mainstream’ US opinion about Venezuela, as credible.

      • Lo, the BBC Radio 4 iPlayer app is now available abroad, so it should be possible to access content in the US; here is the link to a segment broadcast this morning on the Radio 4 Today programme, with commentary from Eva Golinger & John Simpson, that is far better than earlier coverage I have heard ~ it starts at 2:40:42

        Radio 4 and the BBC World Service are in my opinion, the only sources for balanced in depth coverage on the BBC, of key issues ~ as the content is invariably far better researched & representative than for TV. This said, we very rarely hear from John Pilger, for example on the BBC…I think the last time may have been on the Today programme back in 2014.

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