David Swanson: Why End War

Protest: No War in Iraq

Image by Dean Terry via Flickr

Updated: Nov. 4, 2017

with David Swanson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Let’s Try Democracy
October 3, 2017

David Swanson on Oct 2, 2017

On Oct 2, 2017, 20 of us gave 4-minute TED talks in Charlottesville and I won, allowing me to give a TED talk at the upcoming November 3, 2017, event at Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater. This was my 4-minute talk on “Why End War.” #TedXCville

Video by Wes Swanson.


Updated: Nov. 4, 2017

David Swanson TED Talk TEDx Charlottesville on Why End War

David Swanson on Nov 3, 2017

After winning an open mic with a 4-minute talk, they had to let me in but only gave me 5 minutes. While a disturbing number of the other speakers did work for the military or CIA, the audience seemed fairly receptive to this mini-talk.

David Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is director of WorldBeyondWar.org and campaign coordinator for RootsAction.org. Swanson’s books include War Is A Lie. He blogs at DavidSwanson.org and WarIsACrime.org. He hosts Talk Nation Radio. He is a 2015, 2016, 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. War Is A Lie: Second Edition, published by Just World Books on April 5, 2016. I’ll come anywhere in the world to speak about it. Invite me! Support David’s work.

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12 thoughts on “David Swanson: Why End War

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  2. Just end war unilaterally. I don’t mean forget how to protect yourself – just renounce murder and theft. Remember, though, that even the Dali Llama advises that if someone is coming with a gun to do you harm you have a duty to use your gun to prevent them. Gandhi famously said the worst thing the British did to the Indians was to disarm them. My own saying is that I love and respect my neighbours – it is governments I don’t trust. And last but not least, Royalty refuses to accept responsibility for crimes done in the name of the Crown. Here in Canada that is particularly true.

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  11. This guy writes and speaks brilliantly against war, except he seems to believe it’s possible to end war without changing our economic system substantially. (I disagree.) I think I even saw him state that explicitly in one of his essays a few years ago. Recently he organized a big conference, and admittedly I only glanced through the list of topics, but I didn’t see anyone addressing my concern. I feel it needs to be mentioned once in a while. I see war as an inevitable consequence of our present economic system. I won’t go through the arguments — I’m sure you’ve heard them before. Just think about it for a moment. Think about whether those arguments are making more sense to you now, after events of recent years.

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