Abby Martin: After Hurricane Harvey, Abandoned Community Takes Charge, Part 1

Abby Martin: After Hurricane Harvey, Abandoned Community Takes Charge

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Oct 14, 2017

After a flurry of media attention, the devastation in Houston, Texas from Hurricane Harvey faded from public view. But after unprecedented floods and widespread destruction, the story is far from over.

In Part 1 of her investigation, Abby Martin travels to Houston one month later, and visits one of the most devastated neighborhoods. Victims there give harrowing testimony about nearly drowning and having zero assistance to this day from local or state officials.

This first installment reveals the untold stories of how, while abandoned by the state, the community banded together to save lives and rebuild their homes.

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  4. A month later. And the corporate mass media says absolutely nothing. They are too busy using Puerto Rico as an excuse to bash Trump. So they don’t need Houston. Just like the people in Flint, MI — or New Orleans — the government doesn’t care, except for the affluent neighborhoods. For the rest, they will use the mass media to raise the specter of “looting.” This is the reality of America.

    • The news media is continually looking for new and ugly spots to bash. Cleaning up repairing restoring cannot not be done exclusively by the government. People “ALL PEOPLE” must help out. There is plenty that the individuals can do, church organizations, business organizations, and those that are affected. We ALL seem to be continually looking for handouts or gifts. Sometimes you have to do something yourself.

      PR thinks they are the only ones devastated, however there are many to many catastrophes happening now. As you said issues still are not fully corrected in Flint. California is an inferno. Florida, Texas, PR, and nearly the whole Caribbean area are and will be a mess for months or years to come.

      Many of our congregations have sent teams around to help. While this is nowhere enough, it is a geat first step. As time allows more will be done.

      • I disagree that the people impacted are looking only for handouts. The US government should be doing a lot more to help these communities and it does have the resources to do so. Only have to look at the new budget for the Pentagon/military and know that the US has the funds but chooses instead to fund wars, influence regime changes in other countries worldwide, etc.

  5. Graphic and shocking. The indifference, negligence and irresponsibility of the so-called ‘higher authorities’ is contemptible and criminal. Of course these corrupt and corrupting fantasists are deluded and delinquent fugitives from reality; they will not accept that Nature is sending a powerful message, even assuming they have sufficient ‘nous’ or cognitive grasp to fathom its evident ecological import, and moral gravitas.

    Privileged and sanctimonious ‘America the Brave’ talks a great game, a grand bluff; but when push comes to shove, the shiny rewards and illusions of glamorous status over-ride caring, eliding reasonable concern for human dignity, intelligent proportionality, universal values and basic self-determination or developmental needs.

    So, what happens when you reach the end of this ‘prescribed’ road to settler exceptionalism ~ from (migrant) deprivation to the promise of abundant freedom(s)? There are no more signs or easy routes left to follow.

    That’s where we are.

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