Immigrant Prisons

Immigrant Prisons

Screenshot by Dandelion Salad via Flickr
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Dandelion Salad

Brave New Films on Oct 18, 2017

Few Americans know about our nation’s system of immigrant detention centers. Each year, the U.S. government locks up roughly 440,000 immigrants in over 200 immigrant prisons. Companies like the CCA and Geo Group, got started in the 1980s, and have since made over $12 billion in profits, largely from immigrant detention.

These facilities have grown into a highly privatized, lucrative and abusive industry that profits off the misery of immigrants awaiting deportation. These abuses happen behind closed doors with little to no oversight.

In our newest film “Immigrant Prisons”, we expose the abuses of the deportation industrial complex, substandard medical care, widespread physical and sexual abuse, virtual slave labor working conditions and highlight the incredible stories of three former detainees.

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