Michael Roberts: The IMF Is Worried That With The Huge Increase In Inequality There Is Serious Danger Of Social And Political Unrest


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TheRealNews on Oct 27, 2017

All income growth of the past few years is going to the top 10 percent, without paying more in taxes. IMF says that higher taxation of the top earners would not impinge on economic growth, explains economist Michael Roberts.



IMF’s Concern with Equality Not Reflected in Its Policy Recommendations

TheRealNews on Oct 27, 2017

Recently the IMF’s analyses have shown greater concern about the dramatic rise in inequality, but its policy recommendations do not reflect this and make the problem worse, explains economist Mark Weisbrot of CEPR.


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  18. I have to laugh. More like self preservation for the IMF! The IMF advocating and forcing countries to comply with Neoclassical economic’s (Neoconservatism/neoliberalism/free-market/trickle-down, debt-slavery dogma) since its inception.

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