Vijay Prashad: The U.S. Celebrates The Culture of Death

World War 3 - III

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TheRealNews on Nov 8, 2017

President Trump’s presidency is so “annihilatonist” that it may very well be the last presidency of the United States says Professor Vijay Prashad at the CODEPINK Summit.


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11 thoughts on “Vijay Prashad: The U.S. Celebrates The Culture of Death

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  6. Just excellent.

    I have shared it on my FB timeline with this introductory comment “I doubt very much that Vijay Prashad will be invited to deliver this as a TED talk; superb polemic, very powerfully articulated.”

    Certainly not any time soon….when of course, this is just the sort of talk that should be heard on TED, especially by US citizens.

      • Thanks Lo, I heard the original, & just listened to the update.

        In my opinion the only war worth fighting, is for the survival of (intelligent) Earth Life.

        Of course the tragic paradox of history is that it is the corrupt cult of imperial war that has got us into this ghastly anthropocenic mess. The ‘war to end all wars’ was always a colossal lie; it has simply failed to fulfill its extravagant and unrealizable promise.

        So what is left? As I see it, only the genuine spiritual conquest, of the self. Everything short of that is enslavement to tyranny of one sort or another.

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