Chris Hedges: The Power of Propaganda

Chris Hedges: The Power of Propaganda

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Nov 12, 2017

Stuart Ewen, Professor and Chair of the Department of Film & Media at Hunter College and author of Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer Culture joins Chris Hedges for a conversation on the power of mass propaganda. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil looks at the influence of the public relations industry.

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17 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: The Power of Propaganda

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  12. Brilliant episode.

    The corporate takeover was systematic: conflate democracy and Capitalism through indoctrination. Wealthy executives have purchased almost the entirety of our media to be able to frame all political and social discussions. They cleverly manipulate language to manipulate minds to manipulate actions and complete the control over the population. And by turning “consumption into compulsion” they’ve been able to capture the masses more effectively than by putting us in prison.

    In a steel and concrete prison cell you fight to the death. Instead, they convince us to willingly imprison ourselves in comfortable cells lined with possessions, comforts and other peoples’ opinions. Few even understand they are trapped in a world of make believe in which we’re not much different than the proverbial rat in a maze. They tell us what to do and do it in such a cleverly disingenuous way we think we thought of it ourselves.

    Sorry to ramble. Provocative discussions have a way of affecting me like that. 😀

    Thanks for a great post. I wish millions of people would read and watch people like Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky and many other brilliant people who show the insidious deception we swallow every day. I guess it’s difficult for most people to admit they’ve been fooled their entire lives. I believe that might be the biggest hurdle we face in ending the sick system we have.

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