Abby Martin: The US Opioid Crisis

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with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Nov 29, 2017

A new phenomenon has emerged in the United States: 64,000 people died in 2016 of a drug overdose—with 80% from opioids—with levels of addiction nearly 500% higher over the last six years.

Behind this epidemic is a multi-billion dollar industry, that feeds drug manufacturing giants, distributors and more.

With the US government failing to address the crisis, one law firm has taken to a massive lawsuit. Head of that case is Mike Papantonio, who also won major lawsuits against big tobacco, chemical corporations and more. Abby Martin interviews him about this new suit, and why he is pushing for many executives to go to jail.

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  4. Bravo!

    Unbelievable, indeed. The sick business model is to profit from creating a problem; and then make even more profit from solving it. So watch this space. The next wave will be rehab. clinics, sponsored by bigpharma.

    This world is one big mafia racket. Religion was supposed to address these endemic tendencies. Now religion is fully co-opted to enforce these crimes of depravity. What to do?

    Speak the truth; settle for nothing else.

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