Abby Martin: Coca Farmers Massacred In Colombia Under Pressure From Trump

Abby Martin: Coca Farmers Massacred In Colombia Under Pressure From Trump

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Updated: Dec. 21, 2017


This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Dec 13, 2017

On October 5, 2017, police opened fire on unarmed farmers in Tumaco, Colombia. Eight were killed, with dozens more shot. The massacre was part of a crackdown on coca farmers in the “War On Drugs” despite an agreement for crop substitution–and amidst new threats from Trump, ordering the government to use more force or face consequences.

The Empire Files goes on-the-ground to investigate the massacre, interviewing witnesses and casualties. Abby Martin visits recently-destroyed farms, uses hidden cameras to confront soldiers about the operations, and explores the context of such a killing less than a year after the historic peace deal ending the country’s 53-year civil war.


Updated: Dec. 21, 2017

US Pressure Led to Massacre of Colombian Farmers

TheRealNews on Dec 21, 2017

Empire Files host Abby Martin travelled deep into Colombian coca growing territory to talk to peasants that were attacked by soldiers eradicating the crop; Martin says it was Trump’s pressure on the Colombian government that led to the killing of peasants in Oct, 2017.


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  5. So upsetting- I saw the whole story on The Empire Files. The massacre occured right after VP Pence was in Columbia. If the United States was so interested in “eradicating” illegal drugs, instead of sending the number 1 US export, weapons and military “training”, they would be helping the poor farmers with crop substitution or self sustenance programs . Obviously much of this is also the corrupt governments in the whole region, but again, we do not have to look very far to see how those in power benefit the US business’ interests to understand that this is CLASSIC “double dipping”. It is a shame,
    first off, that coca leaves cannot be enjoyed as they are by the natives who simply chew the raw plant for energy, make poultice to stop bleeding, or to kill pain. Unadulterated plant medicine has been a part of human culture longer than any regulated chemically synthesized knockoff in modern times. Cocaine, even made medicinally was used regularly in surgery,specifically ears/eyes/throat surgeries and dental use. If modern human societies were in more stable,egalitarian,and equitable shape- or more democratic in other words, there would be far less people willing to allow or participate in turning a natural remedy into a horribly addictive set of substances that would be responsible for violence and theft across the world. The depressed society wants the drug to feel better and one of two criminal enterprises ( the cartels and big pharma) perpetuate the depression with their profits. This is how we can figure out that the so called “war on drugs” was never meant to pull people up and out of the drug production/sales/and illegal use- because it is more profitable for a handful of connected players, who profit from the poverty that causes Coca growers to grow this crop over another, others to change it into a narcotic with chemicals, others to smuggle it into the country( because we know most of it gets in quasi legally and officials “somehow” manage to miss the biggest smuggles and make example out of other busts) and chains of others to sell it ( again because we know there are crooked cops and others who profit on the side once on the streets) and at the same time, the war machine profits from the sales and training of foreign militaries, big ag profits from selling its cancerous sprays all over the farmers and their land, and when it comes to the US, we KNOW that private detention centers and prisons make big money to destroy users and low level sellers lives throwing them in jail. What is it,50,000 grand a year per prisoner profit in private prisons? Of course with states on the line for 97-100% occupancy or paying the difference with extra tax dollars.
    It is sad the poor farmers in Columbia are limited to growing something that at the end of the day, makes them reliant on a dangerous, unstable operation,because as badly as the Columbian and US governments allegedly want to stop the cocaine flows, they CHOOSE to perpetuate this problem instead of SAVING money, and actually follow through on replacement crops contracts, perhaps a biodiverse selection incentive program, something that would either feed the people directly or be able to be sold fairly on the markets. If not sprayed with toxins from airplanes and completely deforested, the soil in the region is unique and would remain fertile enough to grow different edible and sustainable foods for many to eat! Many new cancer drugs and other immuno stimulating plants and fungi grow in climates like Columbia. However,these governments are so corporate industry controlled in every sector, specifically from the superpower countries who puppeteer smaller governments, have such a brainwashed goon squads trained to kill before protecting,and destroying before helping to build, that actually helping the people and solving the problems faced by all who are at the mercy of the market is and has never been the end game. The Trump administration is all about eradicating helpful parts of government in replacement for a kleptocracy that can only be sustained by extreme force, violence, and subjugation of those on the “outside”. There ARE answers to every problem they pretend they are trying to solve, but they wont make anyone RICH, and nothing that is good for the planet, good for the common man, or good for peace is supposed to, because the payout comes in the form of sucess of the altruistic &positive problem solving itself.

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