“Temporarily Restricted From Joining and Posting to Facebook Groups” by Lo

Josiah Says I'm Very Angry with Facebook

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

by Lo
Dandelion Salad, editor
December 26, 2017

I’m “temporarily restricted from joining and posting to groups until Jan 2, 2018 at 1:52pm.” That’s the message I received from Facebook today.

I am very, very angry about this. There is no reason for this blocking. I only posted to 4 groups today and all were marked as “Spam” by FB. Of course, it is not Spam.

An entire week of not being able to share the posts into FB Groups! I have made an appeal but I did that last time it happened and it didn’t work. FB wants Pages to have to pay them to “boost” their posts. FB thinks all the Pages are for-profit businesses, which they are not.

Again I will need your help in sharing the posts on Facebook or other social media for the next week, more so than usual.

Here is the post I tried to share in FB Groups today: Socialism: Creating a World to Change Our Lives by Sam Friedman (must-read)

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PS: Will need your help to share these new posts, too:

How It Could Finally Be Possible to Prosecute War as a Crime by David Swanson

Today’s Students–Slavery by Debt by Ellen Brown

Plutocracy I: Political Repression in the U.S.A. + Plutocracy II: Solidarity Forever + Plutocracy III: Class War (must-see)

What Would Socialism Be Like? by Leela Yellesetty (must-read)

Against Identitarian and Generational Divide and Rule by Paul Street

Happy New Year! The Radical MLK by The Anti-Social Socialist


14 thoughts on ““Temporarily Restricted From Joining and Posting to Facebook Groups” by Lo

    • Sorry to hear that, Michael. The same with me. It’s getting worse there everyday for many people. Comments are being marked as spam when they aren’t. Trouble posting links in comments, etc.

      After the blocking ended, I have been sharing to Groups without any problems… so far. I think someone in one of the Groups must have flagged my post for some reason or other. Or I posted too fast and FB thought I was a bot. I really don’t know.

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  2. It’s somehow linked to money. All of the so-called social media platforms today are vastly different than 15 years ago. In the boardrooms I can hear the question: “How do we monetize the feeds?”. I know because I was in those boardrooms for many years.

    • Yes, it’s definitely linked to money. FB wants the Pages to pay them so their posts will be seen by more of their own followers! FB limits who sees the posts in the Newsfeed. It’s ridiculous.

  3. Helllo Dandelion.. I have the same problem but only for 3 days, in this case a pro Palestinian post I shared demanding freedom for Ahed Tamimi and her family.. here I think: https://www.facebook.com/mike.gilli.9. so I’m allowed to post if only my friends see it….ANNOYING. Also it seems Google is ‘deranking’ blogs and sites they don’t like so you appear OK, but on page 3 or 4… Best of luck with them, your salad is delicious!

  4. The first thought which comes to mind as explanation for this censorship is that it’s possible something big (and not pleasant) in relation to world affairs is in the making for between now and January 2, 2018. Whether that’s the case or not only time will tell, but let us hope it’s not.

    • Thanks, Jerry. I don’t think this has anything to do with “world affairs”. It’s happened before when someone in a group marked one of my posts as “spam”. I don’t know if that is the same case this time. It happened very quickly after I shared the post into 4 Facebook Groups, ones that I always post into. I can’t imagine any of those members doing this.

      It could be that it was an automatic response from Facebook and may have nothing to do with the topic of the post. But I really don’t know because Facebook doesn’t say much when you are being blocked from posting.

      • We have a Facebook account but have never used it, instead only posting a link to WordPress. So we cannot comment from personal experience. That said, the following article recently posted at Voltaire Net focuses on Facebook’s political actions in India and elsewhere. The article adds valuable insights pertaining to the current, clear (global) censorship situation, and points out (likely) reasons for certain people experiencing negative, unexplained actions by Facebook.


        • Thanks, Jerry.

          But that has nothing to do with what happened to me on FB today and in the past. This isn’t the first time I’ve been blocked, just the first time making a blog post about it.

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